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Who is really at fault when a fire department allows a home to burn to the ground over a $75.00 fee?

Posted by devildog6771 on October 7, 2010

Who is really at fault when a fire department allows a home to burn to the ground over a $75.00 fee? The has followed the story, Firefighters Let Home Burn Because Owner Didn’t Pay $75, about the firefighters who stood by and watched as a fire destroyed a man’s home because he failed to pay the city’s $75.00 fee.

My first reaction to this story is probably very much like that of most people, moral outrage. However, after some thought, I have another question. Why hasn’t the county or the residents of the county of Obion started their own “volunteer” fire department? I realize that this is not a cheap venture. But, Brunswick stew sales and other events paid for the local fire department and rescue squad for years in my county before the county took over.

Frankly, the all volunteer departments were by far better than the ones run by the county. The human element that the all volunteer departments displayed somehow got lost in the paid, county departments. Maybe some of our answers to our problems with various services and needs is a return to more volunteerism and community involvement, something that has greatly declined over the years!

As for the homeowner, he should have paid his $75.00. But, whether he paid or not, for a fire department to stand by and watch a home burn to the ground is incomprehensible!! In my area, drought has been so bad that any fire not immediately extinguished puts many folks’ home at risk! I can’t believe those firefighters waited until another home, whose owner had paid their fee, was at risk before doing anything to even prevent the spread of the fire.

Exactly when did those “firefighters” determine it was time to take action to protect the other home. It takes less than “7” minutes for a home to be destroyed by fire.

Go over to The and read more about this story and take their poll. While you are there, check out the rest of the topics.


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