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IF THERE BE TROUBLE, LET IT BE IN MY DAY, THAT MY CHILD MAY HAVE PEACE..Thomas Paine, "The Crisis" 1776, ("The Undefeated").

Obama Administration turns blind eye as Iran operates Base in Venezeula, Russia builds Nuclear plant in Venezuela, and Al-Qaeda operates a training base in Northern Africa

Posted by devildog6771 on November 19, 2010


Image by .cesare. via Flickr

I often listen to several talk radio shows. While I may not agree with everything on each show, I have found that often many topics, views, or stories covered are right on target. Only FOX News has continued to set the trend as a leader in reporting the facts every American needs to know on a daily basis. There are members of Obama’s circle that want to shut down or censor FOX. However, FOX continues to demonstrate they are alone in a concerted effort to accurately report “all” news to the public on both radio, cable, or regular TV broadcasts. One has to wonder why opponents in the administration are so eager to quiet FOX until another one of its failures is exposed.


Last night on different shows there were several reports I found deeply disturbing. The first was a report that Iran has a base in Venezuela and Russia is building a nuclear plant for Venezuela as it did in Iran. Iranian President Ahmendenijad is determined to build an atomic bomb. Venezuela apparently has the largest cache of unprocessed uranium in the world. Why is the Obama administration not protesting the revelation of an Iranian base in Venezuela? Of course both Venezuela ans Iran deny this report. Iran claims that the “base” is a tractor plant! Right!!?? If their claims are true, why is the “tractor” base closed to anyone but Iranians? Why does this area have an elaborate security set up. Why is Hezbollah allowed access?

Almost as frightening as Iran mining uranium, is the knowledge that Russia is building a “nuclear” plant for Venezuela? Do we really want to allow Hugo Chavez to have nuclear capability. We already know that the UN inspectors will be as ineffective in Venezuela as it is presently in Iran as far as monitoring any nuclear activity.  Maybe another more important question is why haven’t other leading free nations expressed alarm on=ver these activities in Venezuela? Nuclear power in the hands of Chavez threaten the stability and freedom of every neighboring nation in South America and Central America, much less the obvious threat to North America and the rest of the world.

This news revealed in the wake of the latest news about the deals the administration is contemplating with Russia over our nuclear capabilities is another example of Obama’s attempt to castrate America’s ability to protect itself from its enemies in times of need!

Repeatedly, the administration demonstrates its intent to fail to do its duty of serving, protecting, and defending the Constitution and America against all enemies foreign and “domestic.” Why, then, do we keep hearing so much about whether Obama will run for a second term. Why do we not hears cries, for impeachment of Obama and those Congressional members, primarily, but not exclusively Democrats.

Now, we discover Al-Qaeda has a training base in North Africa, across the Mediterranean from Europe! This base is funded with money obtained by kidnapping Europeans and then returning them after exorbitant ransoms are paid! Is all of Europe asleep again as it was when Hitler started building his “war machine?” I knew the French were panty waists; but, what about England, Spain,Italy, and the other European nations? Have they just decided to offer no resistance to the Islāmic onslaught across Europe and the rest of the world? Or, do they plan to sit on their hands again and hope America comes to save their butts again at the last minute? Wake up Europe, we may be coming to you this time!

We need to impeach Obama. We need to get rid of members of Congress who are un-American. Europe needs to start defending itself! The world is under attack by Islamics, socialists/communists/Marxists, and the New World Order! Right now it serves their purpose for the three groups to be allies. Neither is compatible with the other. If this alliance succeeds, we will then all suffer the battle that will ensue as each struggles for final world domination.  This is no conspiracy folks. It is all happening right now, under our noses. We need to take action before it is too late!!!


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