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Sarah Palin’s Alaska

Posted by devildog6771 on November 22, 2010

Halibut caught off Raspberry Island, Alaska.

Image via Wikipedia

I couldn’t help myself. I have heard so much about “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,”both positive and negative, I decided to check it out tonight. First I watched the first episode on my DVR. Not bad! Actually, I found the show pretty interesting. The photography was impressive. I thoroughly enjoyed the content. Alaska has always been a place I wanted to visit. I always found the ruggedness and beauty of Alaska entrancing.

But, what I was most impressed with a chance to view  Alaska through the eyes of a native. When I was at Marine Corps Boot camp, there was a young woman in my platoon who was an actual Eskimo from Alaska. She often held us captive with some of her stories from back home!  Whenever I think about Alaska, I think about Eskimos and Igloos! I think most people don’t really get past these stereotypes, much like myself. To see that Alaska has another side not much different from the rest of America was a bit of a shock. I suppose this sounds bazaar. But, what more can I say.

I enjoyed the visits to the various parks and such. Views of the mountain terrain, the wildlife, the rapids were awesome. Watching the Halibut fishing trip was fun. I hadn’t realized fishing was a major industry in Alaska. I’m sure there will be many “greenies” and “other groups who will point out the cruelty of stunning the fish. But, if you paid attention, Sarah clearly pointed out the reasons behind the need to stun the fish. I hadn’t realized how much work went into providing the fish that often finds its way to my table.

There was another reason I enjoyed they show. We seldom get much of a view of local or national candidates as people, with and without their make-up, before an election! All we know about them, their families, and their everyday life  comes from the media and the tabloids.  Even then, we are getting a biased view which paints a positive or negative picture depending on political slant of  each individual media source. The tabloids are motivated more by the drive to make money by selling information about politicians which  satisfies the morbid curiosity of the public.

Exposing ones private life to public scrutiny is risky business for politicians. It is unheard of in these modern times. I dare say that the last time any politician gave the public such an open view of their family and life was back in the 1800’s. For a potential Presidential candidate, it could be political suicide. In today’s world of corrupt politicians, socialist/communist,Marxist politicians, and those extremist on the right, it is refreshing to view such an intimate look into the life and background of a politician. Go for it Sarah! You have “guts” girl!


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