Love it or Leave it!!

IF THERE BE TROUBLE, LET IT BE IN MY DAY, THAT MY CHILD MAY HAVE PEACE..Thomas Paine, "The Crisis" 1776, ("The Undefeated").

Americans will not allow Obama, Soros, and those enemies of America to destroy the rights and privileges we fought for in the American Revolution.

Posted by devildog6771 on November 28, 2010

God Bless America

Image by wstera2 via Flickr

President Obama showed that he was an excellent orator during the last presidential election campaigns. Now that the deadline is running out on the Bush Tax Cuts, Obama constantly states he has not done a good job communicating to th American people . He simply hasn’t explained well why the Tax cuts shouldn’t stay in effect for all Americans. Well, Mr. Obama, you may feel you have not explained your decision very well; however, I don’t want to hear anything else you have to say on the matter except you will extend the tax cuts for “all” Americans before the deadline. If you let Congress handle the matter, then let me suggest that you encourage them to do the same, extend the tax cuts. However, while you may feel you have communicated poorly, the people haven’t experienced the same difficulty.

You and your socialist cronies have passed one piece of legislation after another that has put the nation deeper and deeper in debt. The first step in undoing your rape of th American economy is extending the tax cuts. The recent mid-term elections ought to have shown you and Congress both that the people have had enough. The Tea Party has eloquently spoken our wishes. Their efforts to rid Congress of elected officials who refuse to listen to our demands should communicate well to both you and Congress what course of action we will accept. Refuse to listen to our demands and this past election will pale in significance to the public out cry at home and at the polls in upcoming elections.

I consider the tax cuts far more important now than signing your arms agreement. All the diversionary agenda that keeps being forced to the forefront to distract me and the rest of the American public will not work. People need jobs. The tax cuts will help promote new jobs. None of your actions to date have done anything except cost jobs.

Don’t ask, don’t tell needs to be left in place. I served for four years in the military as did four of my brothers and sisters. None of the gays in the service at the time affected performance or security. They performed their jobs same as the rest of us. Don’t ask, don’t tell simply removes one possible potential for “blackmail” to be used to forcing gays to pass on information to our enemies. A law allowing gays to serve openly would completely remove that possibility. In a situation where a buddy is saving my life, I promise you, I won’t ask him/her who they sleep with at night!

Illegal aliens are just that, illegal. In the past amnesty was used as a one time action which would give a starting point for Congress to establish a means to stop further illegal migration into America while not burden with how to handle those presently in the country. Amnesty every few years, especially around election time, was never intended to be a tool used to help one political party gain advantage with votes over the other party. Strengthen our borders. Deport all illegals caught committing crimes, force employers to hire only legal personnel or pay severe penalties. Stop allowing illegal aliens to bleed our health care system and welfare programs. Pass laws allowing only life threatening medical services and welfare assistance until these people can be sent home to their own country. These actions would save millions, if not billions in expenses here in America.

As a ending thought, you, Pelosi, Reid, and the rest of your socialist Congress want to collapse America’s economy, get rid of our Constitution, and rebuild America in the image of a system that has failed repeatedly and caused the deaths of millions throughout the world. George Soros and his money has finance your efforts to destroy America. He wants a Global government which he [no surprise] leads because he knows best. This man is far more dangerous that Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, Castro, and yes, even, Hugo [Chavez]! He has millions behind him to buy his way into power as long as greedy men and women can be found. But, he may finally be on a path for failure.

You see, America is no third world poor , uneducated nation. It is a nation of affluence, high educational standards, many nationalities, many religions, many creeds.  Yes we have poor, unemployed, poorly educated, and struggling people. But as a nation, in the end, we always take care of our own.

We don’t want media censorship, we believe in and welcome free speech. We respect diversity of religion; but, that doesn’t mean we will sit by and watch a particular religion force its way into the homes of every American thereby instilling state religion. We believe in God though there are those in America who do not. Socialism does not support the belief in God!

We believe in the right to bear arms, form militias.

We Believe in owning personal property which cannot be taken away by the government at will.

All of the aforementioned and all the remaining rights included in the Constitution and Bill of Rights are sacred and we will not allow anyone to take away these ideals and rights. On Glen Beck, he played an interview of George Soros where he stated he “was willing to die for his cause!”  Be forewarned, as Americans the people of this nation are also willing to die defending our rights and our Constitution. You, Mr. President, and all members of Congress, took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution against “all” enemies, both foreign and “domestic!” All of you are violating that oath. You bring into question your ability to lead and abide by our laws.

What I find repugnant is the media hype about what all of you need to do to get re-elected. Why would anyone consider re-electing traitors.? Why has anyone suggested investigations into your un-American activities. Why hasn’t  George Soros investigated and charged with sedition and inciting revolution and over through of the American government? Why isn;t he under legal action to strip him of citizenship, tried for his crimes, and imprisoned or deported for his un-American activities? Glenn Beck has exposed all of the actions taken by Soros and his network and its members to destroy America’s economy and dissolve our Constitution! But, don’t believe Glenn. Do your own research. The information is all out there for anyone to find with very little effort!!

The latest effort to take control of the media, which Soros has pretty well done except for Fox, has been a directive recently sent out to TSA to consider protesters of the repugnant TSA searches as lawbreakers who will be apprehended and treated like terrorists. The memo also says legal action will be taken by authorities against people and “media” sources” who speak out against the TSA action. Fox must really frighten you all if you are using an end run to quash it, and people such as Glenn Beck, to shut them up. Don’t you realize your efforts will fail?  As a nation, we will not be silenced when an enemy threatens our rights. You actions only act  as catalyst for further action on the part of the people in America to “legally” defend ourselves and our nation against “all” enemies, “both” foreign and “domestic!”


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