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The left is destroying America; but, Glenn Beck offers us hope for turning things around!

Posted by devildog6771 on December 6, 2010

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So what! Who really cares what Bill Maher thinks? I know I sure don’t. He has made it clear for some time that he is a “leftist” and from that time on, I stopped caring what he had to say about anything. On FOX News this morning I listened to a Democratic Scrooge talk about how Obama didn’t do as he promised. Obama hasn’t taken us far enough left fast enough to suit him or those other extreme left people in America. This brilliant Democommies wants the tax bill extension to not cover everyone. I say give it to all levels. It worked under Bush. It certainly can’t hurt now!

But, you can’t break America if you take steps to save her. The leftist goal is to break our economy. Doesn’t anyone get it besides Glenn Beck and Rush. Come on people wake up! As for I Obama, he is staying quiet because he has another agenda. Read about Obama’s history. All he wants to do is fulfill the dreams of a drunken failure of a father. George Soros is asking his bought and paid for “puppets” to turn their support away from Obama. Watch closely. You’re going to see the Democrats start to unravel in Congress further than they already have to date!

These people in Congress, Pelosi, Reid, and their other followers are only after one thing at the price of our countries freedom and republic, they want America to fail. They want to deliberately collapse our economy. The debt we have could be greatly reduced if all those bills passed by the Democommies are repealed. Nancy Pelosi has repeatedly said they would adopt a “pay as you go” policy. Really? Don’t you get it people? They are lying. They will always have an out to allow them to do as they want while promising the people they are looking out for America. Don’t believe them. They are lying. They only want power.

They want a communist nation or at least a socialist nation. They will stop at nothing to get it.

What ever happened to charging enemies if the country with “treason when they deliberately committed acts against the welfare and safety of our country. What ever happened to holding elected officials accountable to deliberate acts “against” the oath of office they took when they took over their office. Pelosi, Obama, all of these anti-American Democrats took oaths to serve and protect the “Constitution” of America. Yet they continue to do everything they can to collapse our economy and government. Soros is just waiting for his plan to bring about the collapse he bought and paid for to happen. Why hasn’t he been arrested for treason? Why hasn’t his citizenship been revoked? Why hasn’t he been tried for treason for all he has done and publicly bragging about as he tries to buy his way into power in America and move closer to his dream of a “one world government?”

I have a suggestion! Revoke the citizenship of Soros. Put him, Pelosi, Reid, and all those other commies and Marxist, including Van Jones and the rest of those radicals, Ayers and so forth, on a plane to Russia or China with a one way ticket. Six months from their departure date, ask them then how they like their Utopia! Better yet, ask them how they like the four walls of the prisons they will certainly be living in six months after they arrive because that is certainly what will happen to them. My thoughts on that, yyyeeesss!

I have written about the real motives behind these people for over six years. I have watched them do everything in their power to destroy the American Republic I love. And, I have watched as most of America sits on their lazy behinds and lest them get away with the “rape” of our country. Wake up people!! These people want to destroy America. The media is bought and paid for by Soros. Only Fox is telling you the truth and Soros is trying to shut them up!  As we head toward a dangerous inflation, these traitors keep telling us we are heading for deflation. Well, look it up for yourself!

Read all the reports from independent sources. See what foreign nations are saying and seeing about us. Look at how those foreign nations are struggling to put an end to the socialist policies in their nations that have almost collapsed Europe. Listen to that Irishman who asked the European Union who the “hell” they thought they were to tell Ireland that they shouldn’t hold national elections now!  Doesn’t any elected official in Washington have any backbone? Doesn’t any elected official in Congress care enough about America to stand up and speak out and motivate the rest of the sheep in Congress to fight for our rights and freedom? Nancy Pelosi had the gall to say that unemployment funds was good for America. Is she crazy?

The “tea party” is called a bunch of radicals. Congress and the media paints them as such. But, Congress better wake up because the “tea party” is the voice of the heart beat of America! If Congress fails to wake up and do the job it was elected to do, if Congress fails to start adhering to the oath of office they took, then they are all in for a real shock. Congress, Obama, Soros, all of those Van Jones, Bill Ayers, and Pelosi’s will see just how significant the tea party really is in America.

Congress and the President serve at the “will’ of the “people!” They are sworn to serve and protect our nation and our Constitution! Isn’t it time they are forced to do so or be impeached for treason? After all, when they commit acts such as passing laws to collapse our economy or by-pass our Constitution aren’t they committing “treason?” When George Soros tells the President to issue more Presidential Orders to by-pass Congress and put into motion acts that will further collapse our economy and our nation aren’t they in fact committing treason? Why isn’t the media talking about this issue? Are all the media people afraid of repercussions? don’t any of our media types, men and women alike, have non-socialist/communist/Marxist persuasions except FOX?

What ever happened to those journalists who would give their all to discover the truth? What ever happened to those journalists who had ethics and personal standards that stood for the freedom and rights of men and women? What ever happened to those journalists who had moral convictions to search or seek the truth, wherever it took them? Whatever happened to those real journalists we all loved, respected, and looked up to? Well, sadly, they probably never really existed! In the end, all we really have in America to trust or depend on is ourselves. All we really have is our drive for freedom! All we really have is our willingness to defend our freedom at all costs. But, isn’t that they way it really should be anyway? Shouldn’t we have always been more willing and diligent to oversee and stay involved in protecting our freedoms?

Bill Maher called Obama “whimpy and wussy!” Soros gave an order to stop supporting Obama! Glenn Beck called it right again!  Americans need to learn the real history of our nation’s founding. We need to start building up a supply of non-perishable food substances. We need to get rid of all those excessive material belongings and use the money from their sale to fund our food reserves or donate it to help those too impoverished to survive the rapidly approaching inflation we are about to experience! We need to contact our elected officials and tell them that we will vote them out of office in the upcoming elections. The “tea party” movement is not a bunch of radicals. It is the voice of discontent felt by all Americans who love our country and see Congress and the President ignoring the “will of the people!”

For those of you who don’t know how to get involved in the fight for America; or, how to survive the coming inflation, watch Glenn Beck’s show every day. If you want to check out what Glenn says, he gives you his sources so you can check out the facts for yourself. He encourages his listeners to check out information themselves. For over six years I have written basically the same concerns as I have seen expressed by Glenn Beck. Of course he has done a much better job of research and provides more resources than I was able to find. But, Glenn is right on top of the  events happening in Congress. He is right about Soros. He is right about Obama. I found the same information on all of these as Glenn releases on his show several years ago by accident and have often written about the progressive threat to America, the Soros machine, and the danger both present to our continued freedom and our Republic!

Watch Glenn Beck. Check out his sources on your own. Let’s take America back now!!


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