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Glenn Beck exposes Soros

Posted by devildog6771 on December 10, 2010

George Soros (left) and James Billington.

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Glenn Beck just finished an exposé on George Soros. Glenn showed the intricate network of 501c’s used by Soros and the countless progressives to take over the Democratic Party during the past administration. He showed how Soros manipulated the last change in the campaign finance law sponsored by McCain and Feingold. Soros knew that the new law would have the 501c loophole and had his network in place when the new bill was signed. Glenn  also showed the Soros “machine” tried and failed to block Bush’s re-election campaign. Now Soros is working with progressives to dissolve our Constitution and replace it with a new socialist government. The goal is the collapse of the United States.

Hmm! Where have I read about this before. I remember. I wrote about the “Shadow Party” over two years ago. I wrote about the DSA goals for America. I wrote about the Progressive Caucus and their ties to the DSA and the exposure of those ties in the late 90’s.! For several years I have written about what I have always called the “enemy from within!” I started my posts about this secret movement after accidentally finding a copy of a DSA convention on-line while researching another topic. Somehow the minutes were triggered by my search. As I did more and more research on this, I found I read “The Shadow Party,” by Horowitz and Poe which showed how Soros and Hillary Clinton set up this network. Horowitz was once a member of the leftist movement until he discovered the direction they were trying to take America.

Throughout my posts at Hello Iraq I have covered this movement. But, I never got any where close to what Glen has managed to discover and expose to us. I hope you will go to Glenn’s site, and read his extensive and well documented expose.

In my opinion, George Soros ought to have his citizenship stripped away and he ought to be deported back to his home country. Maybe if he has to live in a nation like the one he wants to set up here, he will see the difference between a free nation and a “Utopia” of his making. What strikes me as startling about Soros and all the other millionaire radicals who want to spread the wealth, have open societies, and all the other radical governmental systems which eliminate the rights of men and women under the guise of “freeing the masses” is not a single one of them has ever offered to live by example and give away their millions to the less fortunate ! If their way is the best way for the rest of enough, why isn’t is good enough for them? If capitalism is so bad, why don’t they give away their millions and stop using it to destroy nations and break down national economies as they make themselves richer at the expense of others?

What I see is a lot of greedy people who have too high an opinion of their own self-importance getting rich off of others by making a lifetime job of  telling us how to improve our lives by not using the very system that made them rich! These people are pompous and arrogant in the extreme. They thrive on the quest for more and more power. They make their wealth and power at the expense of anyone or any nation by using any method they can to make themselves richer. Tell me this, is our nation really that evil or is that just a smoke screen thrown in our line of sight to distract us from seeing  their greedy pursuits for money and power?


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