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Sarah Palin – Democrats Hate Her – Republicans Fear Her – Still Palin’s Popularity is Growing – Why?

Posted by devildog6771 on December 13, 2010

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When Sarah Pailn ran for Vice-President in John McCain’s bid for the Presidency I really didn’t know as much about her. She appeared vibrant, smart, intelligent, and mostly, a down home type of person missing from American politics! As the campaign moved closer to Election Day, I found myself surprised to see how McCain and his advisers seemed determined to downplay her abilities and appeal and focus on what I like to call “fluff.” Her speeches were  lacking the “down-home” style I came to associate with Palin. I found myself dismayed over this turn of events. I never felt McCain was a good choice for President. My hopes were Palin would give a balance in McCain’s administration should he win his election bid! As the campaign progressed, it was very obvious this was not going to happen. In the end, on election day I felt I was really voting for the lesser of evils!

I did my homework on Obama and his camp. His ties to Saul Alinsky’s people and other radical leftists only re-enforced my fears that the Democratic party was under complete control of the radicals who began to takeover the party during Bush’s bid for re-election. The “Shadow Party” had successfully used the loophole in the new McCain-Fieghngold Campaign Finance Laws. George Soros, Hilary Clinton, and the other leftists who formed the  “Shadow Party” had established a network of financial supporters which allowed them to take over the Democratic Party from the “inside!” Though they failed to block Bush’s re-election bid, they did find themselves a new puppet for the next election, Barrack Obama! Hillary was out!

Obama Mania swept the nation. American Blacks and minorities saw in Obama their spokesperson. They saw a chance to make their voices heard. What I am sure they never saw coming was the onslaught of radicals like ACORN, Bill Ayers, Van Jones, and Cass Stevens to name a few. What none of us knew was how deeply embedded these radical groups were in every aspect of American politics and the American media. Except for talk radio and FOX News, little coverage was and is being given about the radical attempt to take over America, dissolve her Constitution, and create a Socialist nation. In frightening clarity, Glenn Beck has done several excellent series on his show exposing the leftist agenda in America. Probably the most shocking information uncovered in his investigations is the role played by George Soros and his foundations. Soros has apparently been toppling nations and working toward establishing a “New World Order” under one worldwide government for over twenty-five years. Having honed his nation toppling skills on small nations, Soros began his take over of America, the largest free nation in the world. The last obstacle in the Soros plan for one world government, without national boundaries!

The latest midterm elections, the rise of the “Tea Party,” and the constant decline in the American job market and the American economy has given Republicans an opportunity to fight back against this seditious attack on America “from within” and win back the country’s government from the control of this radical element. Sarah Palin, in my opinion, is the only Republican politician or politician in either party who reflects real American values. Her show, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” is a refreshing view of the values upon which our nation was founded, i.e., hard work, family values, strong belief in God and country! Her program shows a view of the American spirit, determination, and pride reminiscent of our earliest settlers and our “Founding Fathers.” She provides a view of America that the left has tried to erase.

Watching “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” I am reminded of the beauty of America. I am reminded of the richness of the history of the struggle to overcome nature’s obstacles which our early American settlers faced every day as they forged this great nation! I am reminded of the way our early Americans worked together to build our nation. I am also reminded of the fact that these early Americans were ordinary people.They came from diverse backgrounds. Men and women stood together side by side as families and neighbors, facing the daily struggles against nature and other obstacles as they forged this great nation.

As I watch Sarah openly expose her life, her family, and the great state of Alaska to public scrutiny, I find that I am most impressed by the openness she presents for public scrutiny. As family crisis arise, she deals with them with her husband and family. She doesn’t gloss over them. She doesn’t pretend she perfect. She doesn’t present her family as perfect. She presents to us real people, with real issues, warts and all. What we see is what we get without pretense. What a refreshing trait in a politician!

It is no surprise to anyone that the leftist are doing everything they can to discredit Palin. They are pulling no punches. This is, as I said, no surprise! What astounds me is the Republicans. After the midterm elections, both parties ought to see that Americans want the Democrats out of office. What Republicans are ignoring is the fact that Americans are just as fed up with Republicans. Nationwide, Americans shouted out a cry for change. We want the spending policies of the current administration stopped. We want a balanced budget. We want no spending bills with no money to support the bill. We want the Health Care Reform Act  repealed. We want the Bush Tax decreases left in tact for “all”m tax levels. We want no “pork” added to the tax bill. We want jobs. We want our Congress to obey and respect our Constitution!

Republicans seem to have no one except Sarah Palin standing tall and voicing her views loud and clear.  She has gotten the message. But like the Democrats, many Republicans still think Americans don’t know what is best for themselves. They seem to think that they can continue on the same path of business as usual. Republicans better wake up. We don’t care if a politician is a Democrat or a Republican, if you fail the listen to our demands, you are out.

So tell me, why are the Republicans trying so hard to discredit Sarah Palin?  Why are they so afraid of her? Republicans can make things right again in America. They can end the socialist/Marxist/communist onslaught. Republicans should  take the political reins and  force Congress back on a path that adheres to the Constitutional principles which we Americans hold dear. If Republicans aren’t ready to step up to the plate and do the job we elected them to do, then they may find that they, too, can be voted out of office. Both parties may likely see the birth of a new political party based on our Constitutional laws and restoration of  our original laws repealed or altered by the liberal or leftist in Congress, irregardless of party.

Personally, both parties have a reason to fear Sarah Palin. She is at the top of my list for president in the next presidential election. Mitt Romney, and all the other potential candidates show me nothing. They had a chance to speak up and make a difference. They barely made any effort to show they heard the peoples’ out cry!! Only John Boehner has had the moxy to speak up and press for what the American people want. The rest of the Republicans seem entrenched in the security of their office, like good “old boy” cronies! Well, business as usual won’t satisfy me, and it won’t satisfy the millions who stood tall at the polls in the mid-term elections.

Republicans need to pay closer attention to Sarah Palin. They need to start recognizing what it is about her that appeals to so many Americans! They need to start developing backbones.  Right now, as things stand, Sarah Palin may just pull off the greatest coup in American history! Go for it Sarah! You have my vote!

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