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Is the Tea Party America’s last hope for saving America from the Socialist and Communist enemy destroyng our nation from within?

Posted by devildog6771 on January 2, 2011

Cover of "Rules for Radicals"

Cover of Rules for Radicals

Democommies have escalated their campaign to discredit the “Tea Party” Movement. I heard over the holiday there is even a new group out there that is trying to counter the Tea  Party. Who or what is the Tea Party.

According to Wikipedia:

The Tea Party is a political movement in the United States that has sponsored locally- and nationally-coordinated protests since 2009. Its platform is explicitly populist and is generally recognized as conservative and libertarian. It endorses reduced government spending, lower taxes, reduction of the national debt and federal budget deficit, and adherence to an originalist interpretation of the United States Constitution……Several polls have been conducted on the demographics of the movement. Though the various polls sometimes turn up slightly different results, they tend to show that Tea Party supporters are mainly white and slightly more likely to be male, married, older than 45, more conservative than the general population, and likely to be more wealthy and have more education.

Wikipedia also states:

The success of candidates popular within the Tea Party movement has boosted Sarah Palin‘s visibility. Rasmussen and Schoen (2010) conclude that “She is the symbolic leader of the movement, and more than anyone else has helped to shape it.”

The Democommies in Congress continue to push through their out of control spending bills. They continue to find ways to restrict our free speech and other basic rights. Presently there is only “one” media outlet, FOX News on cable, that dares to expose or openly discuss their actions.
The FCC wants to restrict Internet. Obama has used “bailouts” and other means to “federalize” banks and other industries. Guard units have been observed training to learn how to control rioters. But, on close inspection, the “fake” rioters carried signs demanding more “food!”

Portions of the new Health Care reform act which the voters spoke out against in the midterms were removed from the bill. However, one, specifically the item dealing with the elderly, was added to Medicare guidelines. In an effort to make an end run efforts to prevent passage of the Dream Act, the media has discussed the possibility that Obama may use his executive powers to enact amnesty for illegal aliens! How convenient this would be for Obama in his upcoming re-election bid!

As Obama and the Democommies continue their efforts to “transform” America into their “Utopian” socialist dream and spread the wealth, all I see are more and more assaults on my rights and ability to be self-supporting.

When will these anti-America traitors be investigated and tried for their seditious activities? Why aren’t they forced out of office for failure to abide by their oaths of office? They clearly and openly attack or make end runs round our Constitution without impediment!

While the Tea Party has made inroads into removing elected officials from office recently, I feel it lacks an organized platform. The movement needs more cohesion. More needs to be done so that Americans without cable can be informed about what is really going on in Congress and the Oval office. More effort needs to be directed to stop the Democommie efforts to continue to censor the media and control or block vocal dissension.

The Tea Party needs to organize its efforts around proposing solutions to the high jobless rates and the “illegal” health Care Reform Act. The public needs to know what is really happening with regard to health care!

Further, the Tea Party needs to put some of its focus into ways to identify and corporate supporters of the Democommies and convince them to re-evaluate their support. It also needs to do the same with the union.  I have a suggestion here. Use Saul Alinsky‘s “Proxy Tactic” from his book, “Rules for Radicals!” If over 70% of Americans don’t want Obama mania, those with stock investments in corporations and foundations funding Democommies can use the power of their “proxies” to “convince” them to redirect their support!! Further, efforts should be made to draw in union membership, not union leadership, as many union members unaware from the activities of their unions.

Next, the Tea Party needs to start drawing attention to Soros and his machine. He is in the background in all of this with his money buying his kingdom as he gets richer. Strange how all those wanting to spread the wealth who hate capitalism seem to just get richer by this failed system!


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