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Senate Majority Rules? Senator Wants Showdown on Filibuster Reform – ABC News

Posted by devildog6771 on January 2, 2011

Senate Majority Rules? Senator Wants Showdown on Filibuster Reform – ABC News. Democrats want to stop Republican use of invoking “cloture. “Cloture,” or Senate Rule XXII, allows 3/5th of the Senate, or 60 members,  to end debate on a bill and kill it. Cloture is a tactic either party can use when they are the minority party.

Instead of using cloture to block legislation, Senator Udall, from New Mexico, wants to have old fashioned “talking” filibusters where opponents have to continuously talk to stop or slow down legislation. He also wants to prevent any senator from freezing a bill or a nomination by exercising their “right” to an “anonymous hold.”

In the past midterms, the American people clearly indicated they did not want the current health care reform bill. They want it repealed. Likewise, American voters do not want the current immigration bill, the “Dream Act,  or the START Treaty.

Since the midterm elections, newly elected Republicans have vowed to act on the will of the people. Democrats, true to form, are continuing to handle legislation “business as usual” despite public outcry!

It appears to me the Democommies will use any method to continue to take over the government and send the country into economic collapse. They have begun an all out campaign to stop the “Tea Party” momentum by discrediting them.

Now, with this latest effort to change Senatorial rules, they are attempting to take over Congress. it is also rumored on the news networks Obama is contemplating the use of executive power and/or tacking these unwanted bills onto other existing programs such as medicare.

Nancy Pelosi is blasting the Republicans over their lack of  “bipartisan co-operation.” Is she serious. No one is more dogmatic in their goals or less co-operative than Pelosi, Reid, and the rest of the Democommies.

Do these crazy people think Americans will allow these Democommies to completely take control of our government and destroy everything good about America and its Constitution without a “fight?”


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