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Fighting Back

Posted by devildog6771 on January 7, 2011

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I remember very well the activities of the radical groups of the 60’s. I lived through that time. The Black Panthers, the Weather Underground, the SDS, the rest of the radicals, the DSA, and all the other radicals. They permeated every legitimate group trying to better their life from the Blacks and Women’s Movement to the beginning of their climb to power “again” within the unions.  When the War in Vietnam ended they lost their momentum.

Their climb back was begun again in earnest when Russia collapsed. I read a copy of the minutes of a DSA convention in Chicago from just after Russia’s collapse. The participants ranted for a while and “cried in their beer” before a man took the podium and explained how everyone was looking at everything all wrong. He explained that if Russia collapsed then maybe she failed to be true to the “cause!” Then he outlined a plan he felt would carry out their dream right here in America.

He presented a tiered approach, the bottom, the middle, and the top of American culture. He told them they should join civic groups, Churches, PTA’s, unions, local government, etc. at the bottom; infiltrate State Governments and Agencies, colleges, etc. at the middle, and then work their way at the top into the Federal Government through Congress, Federal agencies, and the Union hierarchies. He called for the formation of the Progressive Caucus to be set up to perform infiltration of Congress which Barney Frank did very successfully. His felt that if they followed this plan they could take the Presidency in 2012. They accomplished the White House goal ahead of schedule!

Along comes Hillary. She was selected by Saul Alinsky as his protegé. She did her magic in the inner city well. However, when Obama hit the scene, he had an advantage Hillary didn’t, he was an articulate “Black” and he was better able to mobilize the inner city because he had a common bond and he wasn’t rich like Hillary.

Enter George Soros. Alinsky has died, but his foundation did for Obama what Alinsky did for Hillary. Both Obama and Hillary were on their way; but, Hillary still had an edge and Soros’ support. But, that all changed as Obama began to make headway with his abilities as a speaker and his appeal to the minorities. Soros changed his backing to Obama. Now we need to add the last big piece of the puzzle.

McCain and Feingold introduced and succeeded in getting the Campaign finance laws changed after Soros put forward the suggestion to Feingold. He was aware that the PACs would be a loophole after its passage and an important tool to build up a complicated web of PACs through which he could pour money into advancing the rise to power of the radical left in the Democratic party. He and the left then used the power of their PACs and money to force the remaining Democrats into adopting their agendas or lose the money needed to make a successful bid for the White House.

Now we begin the long climb to rid our country of this cancer. I suggest we use Alinsky’s tactics of organizing. Besides organizing, I suggest we consider using his tactic of “using proxies” to force Corporations and their affiliates and foundations, and union memberships to “persuade them to stop pouring money into the media, political PACs, and other groups. Cutting off their money will be a major blow in their bid for re-election or the election of new leftist legislators at local, state, and Federal levels. Support the “Tea Party” and other groups in their efforts. We also need make sure we do not allow  extreme Right groups to gain too much power. The extreme right is as bad as the extreme left. Both are radicals!

Do I think any of this will be easy? No! We didn’t give up our country over night. We won’t win it back over night either! Our immediate efforts should focused on our elected officials and have them repeal the Health Care Legislation and any other Legislation which is causing our economy to decline so rapidly. We need to push them to stop the President from abusing his power and using Departments or whatever to censor the Internet and media, especially talk radio. Stop Congress and then the President if we are successful in Congress, from granting amnesty for millions of illegal aliens. Under no circumstances should we allow either Congress or the President to cut benefits for the Military.

These are some of my own suggestions. I am sure many have others, some even better than mine. But, we need to start somewhere and dialogue is the best way to begin.


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