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Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid!

Posted by devildog6771 on January 12, 2011

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I came across a blog post at Ashkey F. Miller, “Sarah Palin’s Target List and he Assassination of Gabrielle Giffords”. Ms Miller discussed her views on a recent list released by Sarah Palin:

It is a list of targets, all marked with gunsights, that Sarah Palin released recently calling for Americans to “Take a Stand”.

Let’s put this all in perspective. During the last election, ACORN and company declared Virginia, my state and a couple of others as “Target States!” The term refers to the fact that one party or the other wants to swing the state in question by ousting the elected officials in said state with their own candidate. It is a common expression used by “both” parties.” The expression has been used , or should I say overused for as long as I can remember by “both” parties!

I’m not saying that Sarah Palin called for the murder of this woman and we don’t know if the assassination was politically motivated — I am saying that the militant right-wing of this country uses some very violent and dangerous rhetoric. I’m saying that using the word “solution” and showing a picture of rifle crosshairs with a list of “Targets” is a horrible idea.

The man who shot Ms. Giffords was stalking her! Whether for sexual, political, or other reasons a person is being stalked, they or their life is in serious jeopardy. Stalkers are extremely dangerous. The victim often does “not” know he or she is being stalked. Stalkers are so dangerous that when therapists find themselves being stalked by a client, they stop helping the person and refer them to another therapist. A stalker can be sent to prison for years and will often go back to stalking the same victim upon her/her release! Sometimes a stalker will change his choice of victim; but, whomever a stalker is obsessed with, that person “is in fact” in danger of  physical assault of some type, possibly even death!

Ms. Miller further states

Will the right wing learn its lesson and stop using such militant language? I hope so. I imagine a shit storm is about to fall on Sarah Palin and I almost feel bad for her. And I really hope that Gabrielle Giffords survives, that this wasn’t politically motivated, and there are no copycats

I am appalled at the attacks by the left [communist, socialist, Marxists] directed at Palin, the Tea Party, and Republicans in general. You see, I know what they are all doing. It would behoove people to read Saul Alinsky‘s “Rules for Radicals.” Pay particular attention to his directions on diverting crisis by blaming the issue on the “innocent” other side over and over enough and people will begin to believe what the radicals are saying and ignore the truth.

Since Rep. Giffords was shot along with those other innocent victims, I have felt a tremendous sadness that such an act of evil could be perpetrated on others. I feel for the families of those who lost loved ones and I feel for those whose loved ones survived. All family and friends of this tragedy will never forget the pain of this day. I still grieve the loss of my nephew in Kuwait on 2004 and the loss of my sister, my nephew’s mother, last February. But, I will say the grief and feelings of loss will change over time to a level  where there is some peace in life again with the help of God.

Did Sarah Palin use poor judgment with her post nearly a year ago? Probably! Could she have said more on her behalf about “the bullseye” incident and her grief about the tragedy? Yes! But, personally, I think she handled the incident in the only way left to her. Had she said more, the radicals and left would have attacked her anyway like the piranha they are. As for her remarks about the shooting victims, I have no right to tell anyone how to express remorse or grief over tragedy. No-one does. In my family, we all handled it differently. Some cried openly, some didn’t. Some took up causes, others withdrew. Some could talk about the loss, others could not. Friends went through the same gambit. So who really was insensitive, the person who offered condolences or the person criticizing how another expressed condolences?

The President has often made many remarks which were much more easily capable of being interpreted as fuel for violence. Van Jones certainly has made his share. Weatherman, Bill Ayers, makes many ignorant remarks blew up buildings in his “youth!” Nancy Pelosi certainly has stupid made her share of questionable remarks, the list can go on forever. While I don’t approve of their choice of words, I prefer to not take offense. I prefer instead to consider their acts of  late. While these people want to re-make our nation in their own image of “Utopia” with its socialism, loss of free speech, loss of private property ownership, censored news on radio, T.V. and in newspapers, state-owned health care, lack of free enterprise and capitalism, one thought comes to mind for me. If Sarah Palin were our President now, or later, I would never doubt her love of America or our Constitution or her belief in God!

As for Sarah Palin, you lefties go ahead and accuse, demonize, or attack, by whatever non-life threatening means available. To me these personal attacks only prove how very afraid the left is of Sarah Palin!

Be afraid, be very afraid! Your fears are justified! Your dreams are about to be shattered!


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