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IF THERE BE TROUBLE, LET IT BE IN MY DAY, THAT MY CHILD MAY HAVE PEACE..Thomas Paine, "The Crisis" 1776, ("The Undefeated").

Repealing the Health Care, Net Neutrality, Gun Control, Curbing Political Dissent, what will they do next, blow up the nation?

Posted by devildog6771 on January 17, 2011

Dr. Martin Luther King giving his "I Have...

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The left is still trying to capitalize on the recent deaths and injuries in Tuscon, Arizona. Today, as the nation remembers Dr. Martin Luther King, leftist have taken advantage of the commemorations to advance their latest effort to strip Americans of their right to bear arms. I did a search to find statistics for gun related deaths in the U.S.. I found a tool at the CDC to gather figures on gun related deaths. Here are my results:


Years of Potential Life Lost (YPLL) Before Age 65

1999 – 2007: United States

All Races, Both Sexes, All Deaths

All Causes:104357207 – YPLL:100.0%

Firearm: 6,871,991 – YPLL:6.6%

All Others: 97,485,216 – YPLL:93.4%

I was only able to gather data from 1999 – 2007. Deaths related to firearms is 6.6%. That figure includes everyone under 65, all races, both sexes, all deaths. While I will agree with anyone, that our goal, though unrealistic, is that no one die from firearms. However, when you consider the parameters of my search, 6.6% is a remarkably low figure in my opinion!

In my opinion, this is a ploy to distract Americans from paying close attention to the Health Care Repeal Hearings. Don’t get me wrong, I know that Gun Control and Net Neutrality are also on the leftist agenda. However, now the most important legislation to me is repealing Health Care Reform!! I agree with the poll on Rush Limbaugh, changing the laws will only protect the criminals.

As if that is not enough, now these crazy leftist want to curtail political dissent. Are there any politicians in Washington who remember this is a Republic and that we have a Constitution? Republican or Democrat, we need to vote the lot of them out of office or impeach them. I, for one, am just sick to death of the leftists trying to destroy us and the “good ol’ boy” republicans who kiss their arses and let them get away with what they are doing!


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