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Sarah Palin – Why is the left and some of the right afraid of her?

Posted by devildog6771 on January 31, 2011

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I watched the President’s SOTU address on FOX News. I also watched all the critiques offered by the media and the Republican rebuttals. But no-one said it better than Sarah Palin in her take on the SOTU comments on FOX.

“His theme last night was WTF, Winning the Future. I thought, okay, that acronym – spot on. There were a lot of WTF moments throughout that speech.”

So, now we have a media blitz going with the left attacking Sarah and the right defending her. Amazingly, some on the left are defending her from, “sexists comments!” Wow, dare I trust their motives? Are you kidding? 

Does anyone really think this ls all about sexism? Sarah Palin scares the heck out of the left. She is forthright, open, and embodies all the spirit that was characteristic in America in its early years. “Palin’s Alaska” was a great show. Watching as she and her family and friends shared their daily lives really hit home with me. 

What really impressed me was the way families there have active interaction through several generations. I admired the respect shown for the native culture. I also admired the way the native culture was integrated into the present culture and showed how families used this integration to make families self-supporting and sustaining. Most of us have long-lost this ability. 

As  a child we grew much of our own food. We canned some, dried some, smoked some. We had or had access to family members with a cow for butter and milk. All these things greatly reduced our grocery bill. But, as fast food made its grand entrance, prepared meals showed up in grocery stores, both parents started to work, we gave up a lot of our independence and became more and more dependent on outside the home means of  providing sustenance for our families.

As a child, much of our clothes were often made from feed bags and other fabrics. Tools and items needed around the house were repaired. Men fixed their own cars, lawn mowers, and other mechanical devices. Men and women could both cook, though most cooking was done by the women. Breads, pies, and such were things most girls could fix at 12 years old. Work in the garden was shared. Every man, women and child [old enough] had chores to do every day. We did our chores and homework before we played after school “every day!”

We lost our power where I live for about 10 days a few years ago after a hurricane. Of the 15+ families on my street, only 2 of us knew how to cook meals once the charcoal was gone. They didn’t know how or it never occurred to them to share food since most of us had limited supplies singly; but, pooling our resources provided us all healthy meals. No-one lost anything in their fridge! No- one went hungry. With our watch plan, no one was robbed. We shared the work!

When the power came back on, several people remarked about how much fun we had  helping each other and how it was a shame no one did things like this  all the time. A week later, the spirit was all lost as everyone went back to their own little world. 

This status quos is what the left needs to succeed. Sarah Palin showed us all again what life in America used to be and could be again. Her forth rightness and openness is a threat the left and many of the politicians on the right, the status quo.

Sarah Palin isn’t being attacked because of a double standard. She is being attacked because she represents what we all could be but aren’t!  We have forgotten the spirit that made us a great nation! We have forgotten how men and women stood side by side, friends and family stood side by side and worked together to build this great nation! 

Sarah takes us back to our roots. Not the time when we had slaves in America or fought the native population as we developed in a larger nation and moved westward. No, what she represents is that spirit we had that clung dearly to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness! She shows us again the spirit that insisted on freedom of religion, free speech, the right to peaceful assembly, the right to bear arms, all those other rights we have all taken for granted and failed to protect here at home in our complacency!  She showed us what the Statue of Liberty represents to all who come here. In America anyone can succeed if  one is willing to work for what they want in life.

Sarah Palin, worts and all, reminds us of the American dream. Her spirit shows that the American Eagle’s spirit is still alive within us all! She has awakened that spirit and the screech of the Eagle is screaming from coast to coast and border to border as the momentum of the “Tea Party” spreads that spirit like the wind across our nation! 

No wonder the left and some Republicans are afraid of Sarah Palin!    



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