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Hillary Clinton Says Al Jazeera Is Putting American Media To Shame

Posted by devildog6771 on March 7, 2011

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From Business Insider , we have this article, Hillary Clinton Says Al Jazeera Is Putting American Media To Shame. What Clinton doesn’t say is that it takes years for our CIA operatives to learn Farsi and any of the other Arabic languages. What she also doesn’t say is that it was her husband’s administration that destroyed the CIA as a functioning intelligence agency. When our own intelligence agency can’t get the intelligence we need how can Clinton expect the media to be more successful?

Hillary Clinton was defending her department budget in front of the U.S. Foreign Policy Priorities committee this morning on C-Span.

She says a major reason the State Department needs money is because “we are in an information war and we are losing that war.”

Didn’t Hillary say just before the “damn burst” in the Middle East that everything was okay and well under control in Egypt, etc., etc., etc.? So, is the media now responsible for our intelligence gathering? In Robert Baer’s Book, “See No Evil”, Baer wrote about how the Clinton administration pretty much made the CIA an ineffectual intelligence agency! Now Hillary feels the American media is dropping the ball and doing a poor job. or. are they?

Clinton said private media is not good enough to handle the job: “Our private media cannot fill that gap. Our private media, particularly cultural programming often works at counter purposes to what we truly are as Americans. I remember having an Afghan general tell me that the only thing he thought about Americans is that all the men wrestled and the women walked around in bikinis because the only TV he ever saw was Baywatch and World Wide Wrestling.”

I call this a two-fer. One, she gets to slam FOX News again without naming them. Two, she ignores the fact that cultural gaps which exist on TV in Afghanistan could be related to censorship! I am sure our media doesn’t send only two programs to foreign nations.

Meanwhile she says Al-Jazeera, CCTV and Russia Today are killing it: “Al Jazeera is winning. The Chinese have opened up a global English language and multi-language television network, the Russians have opened up an English language network. I’ve seen it in a couple of countries and it’s quite instructive.”

Apparently Clinton doesn’t want us to know, because she doesn’t mention it, the English version says what the Arabs want us to hear. The Arabic version says what Al Jazeera and the rest of the Arabic world, especially the Islāmic world, really has to say.

Unless Clinton wants to allow our real intelligence agency, the CIA to do their job, and I don’t see that happening anytime soon, we aren’t going to know what is really going on in the Middle east! Clinton can try all she wants to convince us of her reasoning; but,the truth is out! We know about the alliance between the socialists, the unions, and the Islamics! We know about how the President’s youth group and Cohen helped unite youth groups all over the Middle East and elsewhere in the world. We know about Soros’ connection! So, really, who is she trying to lie to, I mean fool!


One Response to “Hillary Clinton Says Al Jazeera Is Putting American Media To Shame”

  1. Freedom, by the way said

    I saw this story on Fox News. I wish I knew of a site that actually translated the arabic Aljazeera to English so we could easily find out what they’re really saying.
    Btw, Love it or Leave it, I’ve got you on by blog roll. (Thanks for including mine on yours!) Keep on writing!

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