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“Give us your tired, your weak….,” just do it Legally!!

Posted by devildog6771 on March 15, 2011

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I read a post the other day about how bad everything is in America and how the Republicans were destroying our chances of recovery. It doesn’t matter where I read the post. All the leftist blogs, media, tweets, etc, all say the same thing. Then they go on to list all the people being hurt by “conservatives” and their dangerous ideas. So I decided to take one of the sources that causes great discussions, illegal immigration.

I did a bit of my “own” math. Let’s say there are 8,000,000 illegal aliens in America at anyone time.  They pay no taxes. They give nothing to Social Security. They get WIC and medical help at local Health Departments. They get state insurance or basically, free medical care. When they given a bill they still don’t pay. Can’t collect if you can’t find them, right? They get free educations. The list goes on and on.

Now, I know what you’re saying, she hates illegal aliens. Not so! I married one, had two children and they are now grown. He is now a citizen. Surprisingly, he shares most of my views here. So, let’s continue.

Let’s pretend a little. 8,000,000 [8 million] aliens go to the emergency room one time. Doing a search I found costs $500.00-to- $6500 so I averaged it out to $3,500. If you have insurance, then , a part will be paid based on your coverage. Illegal aliens don’t pay. That comes to $28,000,000,000 [28 billion]. Now, one doctor office visit averages $50.00-to-$300.00, so I’ll average that out to $175.00. That comes to $120,000,000,00 [120 billion]. In my area it costs about $6,000.00 a year to educate school children. I figure at least 500,00 illegal aliens’ kids go to school a year. That gives us $3,000,000,000 [3 billion] a year for education. Free lunches I’ll average out to $2.50/day for say 200 average days per year. That cost is $24,400,000 per year. Let’s figure out Similac for 500,000 babies a year at an average cost of $18.02/can/per day for 365 days. That comes to $328,865,000.00.

I add up these five [5] items which do not even scratch the surface as far as what illegal aliens cost our nation each year, based on 8,000,000,000 [8 million] illegal aliens and get $151,353,265,000.00. I have since found out that this figure probably should be doubled!

I have figured my data based on a single emergency room visit and a single doctor visit. I only figured Similac for food for 500,000 babies for a year, 500,000 kids for a year, and lunches for those kids for a year. Certainly there would be many more doctor and e/r visits. The lunch money is nothing compared to the cost of the food and other services from WIC, Social Services,unpaid taxes, incarceration funds in local facilities and penal systems, unemployment paid citizens out of work due to illegal aliens working jobs at lower wages with no benefits. $151.5 billion doesn’t begin to cover the financial impact.

I have left out so many other costs related to the illegal aliens living in America, that the figure I have come up with is like a drop of sand on a beach.

The only advantage to allowing all these illegal aliens to staying in America and granting them amnesty is 8 [million] votes. You can make an easy educated guess and know where most of their votes will go! Is it really hard now to understand why Democommies want them granted amnesty.


6 Responses to ““Give us your tired, your weak….,” just do it Legally!!”

  1. klik said


  2. Thank you, I’ve recently been looking for information about this subject for a while and yours is the greatest I’ve discovered till now.
    But, what in regards to the conclusion? Are you
    positive in regards to the supply?

  3. Francis said

    Join the TEA PARTY fighting the illegal immigration and migrant invasion

    This is what the American people are up against from unconcerned legislators, which have been greedily indoctrinated with money for campaign contributions. Financial favors to keep the conveyor belt of illegal discount labor settling here. Not the fact that there are over 9 million Americans searching for jobs, but 8.5 million illegal aliens are employed by dirty employers. I don’t hesitate to say be a Whistle Blower and inform on companies, where labor there is suspiciously talking in foreign languages other than English. Although California is—THE—prime example, no State within the union is immune.

    Just in the city of Los Angeles, Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich has just released data from the Department of Public Social Services which shows that in November 2010, $53 million in welfare benefits to foreign nationals. (Another $22 million dollars in CalWORKs and $31 million in Food Stamps) issued to illegal aliens for their instant U.S.-born children in Los Angeles County. I am beginning to wonder who our government has been working for. So this testimony amount is an increase of almost $3 million from November 2009, and represents 22 percent of all CalWORKs and Food Stamp issuance’s in L.A. County. SO QUESTION HOW MUCH IS THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION COSTING YOUR STATE?

    America is losing its mind, when we cannot even support US born Americans or those who came to the US legally and have lost their job. We have our own people to care for, not the rest of the world. Every year my taxes go up in small increments and must be stupid if we don’t realize we are subsidizing large and small businesses. Later–Supervisor Antonovich told reporters: “When you add this to $550 million for public safety and nearly $500 million for health care, the total cost for illegal immigrants to county taxpayers exceeds $1.6 billion dollars a year — not including the hundreds of millions of dollars for education.” In 2003, the American Southwest saw 77 hospitals enter bankruptcy due to unpaid medical bills incurred by illegal aliens. An astounding 84 hospitals in California had been forced to close their doors because of the growing calamity. Similar occurrence took place in Arizona, because of the influx into this border State.

    Hospitals which manage to remain open then passed the due amounts of money onto the rest of us, which translates into more out-of-pocket expenses and higher insurance premiums for all citizens and legal residents. I know for a fact that Contractor and those who sub-contract are using huge amounts of illegal labor, so noticeably they get the better of honest business owners. My cousin in Los Angeles hired a contractor to install a new Air Conditioner in the roof space. My cousin noticed neither laborer word spoke a word of English, so he confronted the Contractor for proof that these people were legal. The supervisor did have all the necessary insurance, but could not prove these workers were here legally. My cousin paid the man for the work done; later to find out half the duct work was not fitted properly. So this is what Citizens and residents are continuously fighting against–improper labor. Most of the duct work had to be re-installed, which ended up costing more money.

    My choice was to join the local TEA Party as they are not part of either the Liberal-tax and spend-Democrats or the well entrenched Republican leadership. They are oriented towards saying no to any type of Amnesty passing, secret or otherwise, including Comprehensive Immigration Reform, The dream Act, visa lotteries or anything else that smells of amnesty, including chain migration and Sanctuary Cities or States. Bringing in highly skilled workers is a necessary evil, as they will be invaluable to America’s future economy. But we must impose zero-tolerance on economical labor, which is stealing the bread from the lowest income, blue collar and in many instances white collar in the labor market. Guest workers are not welcome, until the fraud and corruption is removed from this type of temporary employment. Without many exception, the taxpayers is the ceaseless beneficiary to dishonest business owners on a grand scale, as the taxpayer subsidizing the schooling for the children, health care for all family members and a wide array of other entitlement programs.

    We must demand that E-Verify, 287 G. police training, Secure Communities criminal fingerprinting imposed throughout America, with dire criminal penalties on business that hire foreign labor. Unions are a major problem when it comes to hiring illegal labor, with SEIU Union boss Paul Trumka holding the steering wheel. The unions have seen a fall off in membership, so they are trying to pick up the slack with foreign nationals. Any company that knowingly hires foreign nationals (cannot be any doubt, when it’s over ten people with no papers) the CEO and head executives should go to prison, not pawns such as a human resources manager. It seems to me the sentences are not enough or the prison terms? When you have numbers ranging from a hundred to over three hundred foreign labor that is working, the company president should be seeing at least five years and fines over $250.000 dollars upwards.

    What I am noticing more and more are patriotic workers finding the courage and initiatives to contact ICE agents. Corruption will never cease in Washington, until we introduce taxpayer election money only, as in European countries and limiting election cycles to three months. In addition to safeguard our votes we must make the federal government act, to rewrite election laws. We are being confronted by hundreds of thousands, may be millions of foreign national changing the outcome of elections through voter fraud. The administration MUST mandate that all voters must appear before an election officer with a legal Social Security Card, a valid driver’s license and/or an American Birth certificate that can be validated. Absentee ballots are the easiest form for illegal aliens to use fraudulently.

    Investigate more true facts at NumbersUSA and not only fax federal and State lawmakers, but fax them for free on this site. To turn America around we must exert our own power against such ideologies as being “politically Correct” This country has worked just fine for over two and a half centuries, without being torn apart by Leftist dogma. We don’t need any foreign country or anyone else telling us how to run our country, especially the open border harbingers of overpopulation. If you come to America, it’s not by the invite of the US Government or any specific politicians; it’s by the permission of the American people only.

    • I completely agree with you. NumbersUSA is great. we would be lost without the Tea Party. The immigration issue alone could make a dramatic impact on saving our economy. keep fighting. I have found it hard at times. I started my campaign over six years ago!

  4. DevilDog6771 – I like your informative post.

    I keep track of the illegal alien invasion also. We have 8,000,000 of them working out of the 11.2 million here illegally. And that number is probably low as I suspect the data collection.

    In California, it is disgusting with the Democrats in control. We have over 30 sanctuary cities and Governor Brown wants us to sign a 5-YEAR temporary sales tax and other tax extension. This is insane. We are feeding, clothing and incarcerating illegal aliens at taxpayer expense. They drive without insurance and driver’s licenses AND THE DEMOCRATS SUPPORT THIS LAWLESSNESS!

    Anyone that votes for Democrats is voting against law-abiding, tax-paying folks of this country.

    The Democrats need to thrown out of office at the local level and the national level. Most folks don’t pay attention to the local officials figuring they don’t do harm. WRONG! The local city level Democrats are the ones passing the illegal alien sanctuary city policies with the public be damned attitude.

    These same city Democrats carry their “love-fest” with illegal aliens to the county, state and than national offices.

    You have to challenge your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers that these Democrats supporting illegal aliens is wrong!

    Race is not the issue; I don’t care where the illegal alien came from, deport him or her. Whether the alien is a blue-eyed blond or a greenie from Mars, deport them. Deport them to debunk the Democrats wimpy cry that it’s racism. It’t not racism. It’s about enforcing the law.

    I suggest every Democrat holding office go back and review the oath of office to support the laws of the United States of America.

    • Great post. I agree with you. I tell everyone i can. Of course i get a look or reply like I am a nut case. But, as more and more of what I have been finding gets out publicly, I think people are at least starting to pay more attention and ask questions! Thank you for your comments.

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