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Corruption, Treason or Sedition in Congress and Harry Reid has the nerve to call the Tea party names

Posted by devildog6771 on April 3, 2011

Sarah Palin in Savannah, Georgia, Dec 1, 2008 ...

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Representative Giffords and several others were recently shot. Several other people including a judge were also killed in the same incident.

Demo-commies were quick to place blame on Republican rhetoric they considered “inflammatory.”  Such remarks were often those expressing different views than those held by the extreme liberals in Congress! They were particularly “reflective” about a comment made by Sarah Palin about a Democratic opponent being in the cross hairs or bulls eye in upcoming elections.

The remark was not one taken by everyday people like you and me as anything shocking. It was a remark like ones made often during political raceson both sides. The remark simply meant his or her opponent was going to aggressively campaign for the post in question! The Demo-commies inferred that this remark and other remarks made by Conservatives and Republicans encouraged events such as Representative Giffiords’ nearly fatal attack!

The Demo-commies are very quick to point the finger so they can distract the people away from real issues like Obama care, government spending, the wars, unemployment , lack of jobs, and other issues now facing the nation. The Demo-commies’  strongest attacks are directed toward the “radical” (their words, not mine)  Tea Party, those states limiting union activities for public employees, and trying to embarrass the Republicans or  coerce them into signing the budget bill without the cuts in spending demanded by the citizens.
The Internet has been or will be censored and/or monitored if Obama has his way. Private ownership of property and gun ownership is threatened, as are numerous other Constitutional rights. When Congress doesn’t  give Obama what he wants, he issues Presidential “Mandates”. Media censorship, thanks to George Soros, denies information to the public at large. FOX News, which is under attack by Soros, is the last news network reporting  the truth to the nation! Soros is now setting in motion a full scale effort to discredit and destroy FOX. I am sure the network’s exposing the truth about Obama, Soros, the AFL/CIO, the DSA, and all the Czars surrounding Obama are the reason Soros is trying to destroy and discredit FOX, and, especially, Glenn Beck,

Union Officials and members shipped in are protesting with local members in cities all over the nation. Wisconsin and Ohio are two hot spots in a battle between local state governments and unions. The states are asking public government employees to pay more of the costs for their health care and retirement packages so they will be more in line with the costs in the private sector. States are going broke trying to pay the enormous healthcare and retirement  packages for public employees.

The President made remarks that public employees and unions  are being singled out. Demo-commies have accused the Governor of Wisconsin of  “union busting.” Thousands of unionized public employees went to Wisconsin and protested, often less than peacefully! Teachers walked out of classrooms and even brought their students along with them as they protested at the Wisconsin state Capitol. Unions and public employees have gone all out to defeat states’ efforts to balance their budgets and not go broke!

Congress has not passed any meaningful legislation in two years, especially since the mid terms! Newly elected Republicans have fought to honor their election promises to the people to cut spending and try to save our economy, our states,  and our nation from economic collapse. But Demo-commies fight every effort presented to Congress that cuts funds. They argue that this will cause more loss of jobs and services. They refuse to approve tax cuts that will stimulate economic growth and create jobs. Though those limited cuts already cut have led to positive outcomes, Demo-commies refuse to accept the results.

They insist along with the President that spending cuts will not work. But, how could they know. They are too busy pushing social justice and “spreading the wealth!” What I don’t see any of these radical doing is putting all their wealth together in a pot and dividing the total by all the people in the nation, themselves included, and issuing equal checks to everyone in the country! Shouldn’t they lead by example of they truly believe all their communist rhetoric?

George Soros, and his compatriots in Congress only get richer in their efforts to spread out “our” wealth! Michael Moore and the Hollywood crowd promoting these same failed ideologies haven’t offered to spread their wealth either! Nor has Al Gore or the Clintons! What gives? Do they only believe spreading the wealth only applies to those making under millions of dollars? They certainly are ideological hypocrits!

Speaker of the House, Boehner, has so far, held his ground though Demo-commies, especially Senators Reid, Schumer, and Pelosi refuse to compromise. They demonize the Republican efforts cut spending. Demo-commies refuse to cut expenses. When all else fails the Demo-commies, the President issues department “mandates” and Pelosi and her “pack” hide spending throughout long drafted bills with thousands of pages which are not presented for debate and signature until hours before signatures are required!

The Demo-commies in Congress use Saul Alinsky‘s “steps” or rules from the “Rules for Radicals” to discredit the Conservatives, Republicans, and the “Tea Party. Under Alinsky, the “means justifies the end!” One may lie or do anything else required to achieve a goal. If caught in a lie, blame the other side repeatedly, loudly, and eventually the public will begin to believe the lie! They attack without restraint or discretion.

The Middle East is in utter chaos. News reporters showed a program in the Middle East with Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn talking to locals telling them “they could vote ” in our Presidential Elections in the America they envision. Members of those fighting to overthrow their governments in the Middle East were trained in the United States in community organizing. Representatives of  the AFL/CIO went to the Middle East and met with the International. The Communist here and abroad, the Soros Open Society, and the Muslim Red Brigade formed an alliance. The “enemy of my enemy is my friend” seems to be a uniting thread. As if these illegal acts are not enough, the President bypassed Congress and went to war with Qadhafi in Libya.

But the war didn’t start in the Middle East. It didn’t even start in Libya! It started about twenty-five (25) years ago in America. Our nation was attacked by an “enemy from within!”

DSA formed a plan at their Chicago Convention to infiltrate America’s government on a three tiered level, the local, state, and federal levels. Government political positions, at all three levels were targets. Colleges and our local school systems were targeted. PTA’s, civic organizations, Church groups, unions, local, state, and federal, were targeted. Every level of our society was a target. The Progressive Caucus was to organize and build its ranks in Congress. The “coup-d-etat” was “political correctness!”

The communist knew Americans hated anything that sounded or appeared to be communist in nature. So the DSA members formed a plan to change words in their doctrine to words more palatable to the American public. Progressivism was “born again!”

The Civil Rights movement, the Women’s Movement, the Gay Movement, and all the other great movements of the sixties (60’s) were “infiltrated” by the communists/ socialists/ Marxists as they made their bid to build in America the communist utopia which failed in the old Russia. They vowed to not make the mistakes which led to Russia’s collapse.

Throughout America the movements of the sixties (60’s) gathered momentum. Many landmark achievements came from that movement. Blacks gained the right to fulfill their dreams of  “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Women began to be hired into jobs and receive “equal pay for equal work.” Gays began to “come out of the closet!” Old ideas long held that kept others “in their place” began to fade away! This list of positive changes goes on.

But, not all good things came from the movement. The War in Vietnam was beginning to peak. Thousands of young men were killed. Protests began to occur across the nation. On the eve of what would have been a surrender by the North Vietmese, we called an end to the war. The North Vietmese commander was stunned. It was years later before this all came to be public knowledge! The SDS, a communist student organization, began to stage rallies at college campuses across America. Riots ans sit-ins occurred across the nation. The Black Panthers, a radical Black group was extremely active.  Radicals like Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn formed the “Weather Underground” and bombed government buildings. Ayers was never convicted due to a mistake made by the case prosecutor. For years afterwards Ayer’s bragged about escaping punishment for his crimes. Socialism/ communism/ Marxism began to pick up a momentum as it began to spread across across America and it appeared the “revolution” would be a success.

Then the unexpected happened. The movement lost its momentum when Vietnam ended. The country began to move past the sixties and those turbulent times. Gradually, guardedly, the nation progressed forward in Civil Rights and other changes. Their were scars. Marriages failed due to inability to accept new roles for wives and husbands. As people adjusted, that too began to level off. But stress created by the sudden period of increasing prosperity and  rapid change also had its impact on the homes and marriages.

Though the “movement of socialism/communism /Marxism” (progressiveism) in America was curtailed, it did not die out. More and more God has slowly been removed from of our daily lives. In our schools and public buildings all indications of belief in God was whisked away by liberal judges in the guise of political correctness. Radicals became judges, professors, teachers, union officials, politicians! The Progressive Caucus began to grow in Congress. The DSA was implementing the plans formed after Russia’s collapse, to take over America. The “revolution” or “fundamental transformation” was moving ahead as planned in that DSA convention in Chicago so many years ago! The goal was to have a presidential candidate in the 2012 election and hopefully win.

Saul Alinsky’s school was training community organizers to go into inner cities and spread dissent, organize, and slowly bring about social changes and “the” revolution! Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were, each, in their own way, being groomed as potential leaders and hopefully presidential candidates. Clinton was trained directly by Alinsky as his protégé! Later Obama was trained and groomed in Chicago by Alinsky’s foundation. Alinsky had already died by the time Obama came on the scene.

Enter the missing element of this twenty-five year rise to power of the social/communist/Marxist movement in America, George Soros!

Soros was a self-made millionaire. He lived in Germany during WWII. As a Jew, he survived and escaped the “camps” and certain death because his dad entrusted him into the care of a NAZI who hid his Jewish birthright. Obama openly talks about and admits to helping NAZI soldiers capture Jews to send to the camps in interviews. He openly speaks of his dislike, maybe even hatred of Jews.

Over the decades of his rise to wealth and power he has toppled governments and broken financial institutions in his quest to form his version of the perfect government, an open, borderless, society. He has been quoted as saying the United States was the biggest obstacle to peace and “his” dream of a borderless world government.

Twenty-five years ago he began his efforts, covertly, to change America. As Clinton’s husband was ending his second term, Hillary was forming the “Shadow Party” with Ickes and other participants. Soros managed to encourage Feingold to change the campaign finance laws. Soros and Clinton and party formed an network of intricate Pacs and 501’s to fund their bid to take over or control the Democratic party using the loophole Soros knew would be formed by the new Campaign Finance Law. Jane Fonda was a  big contributor along with other millionaire “progressives” in the Shadow Party.

As fate would have it, Hillary lost Soros’ direct support in her bid for the Presidency to Barack Obama. Though successful in her  community efforts, her wealth created a schism not shared by Obama. Obama also had a gift for oration not shared by Clinton. Soros and the rest of the radicals shifted support and money to Obama.

In the two years since Obama took office, Obama has openly made promises to the nation to improve the economy, create jobs, balance the budget, overhaul the health care system and many other changes to improve and stabilize America. In reality, Obama has done nothing but put our nation deeper in debt, slowly strip away our Constitutional rights through Presidential “mandates,” bailouts, and other astronomical spending bills and efforts to perform his “fundamental transformation in America!. As David Alinsky said, his father, Saul Alinsky, would be proud of Obama because he learned Saul’s teachings well!

We are now full circle. Obama’s illegal war in Libya, the chaos in the Middle East started by Obama and his cronies, his systematic attack on our economy, all indicate Obama does not have America’s best interest at heart. He and those members of Congress, primarily Demo-commies, and some Republicans are in direlection of their duty under the Constitution.

Clearly OBama and his followers have their own agenda. When he and Pelosi and others talk about the Constitution as out dated and they planned to fundamentally change America, their performance and actions indicates they meant  just that! But, their oaths of office required that they swear “to serve, protect, and defend,” that they “owe their allegience” to the Constitution! Their performance indicates otherwise. But, remember, Saul Alinsky said do or say whatever you must to reach your goal because the “ends justify the means!”

They ought to be removed from office. Obama ought to be impeached. They also swore in their oaths of office that they had no other motive but the sworn affirmation! They clearly lied! “The ends justify the means!”

They are committing  “TREASON” or “Sedition” as far as I am concerned.

So can anyone tell me why Congress and many American citizens can’t seem to see what is really going on in America and begin to speak out and say enough is enough. Demand action. Is all of Congress afraid to say communist have begun to try to take over our nation? Are Americans so ashamed that we let this happen that they are paralyzed into inaction? Or worse, are Americans really that blind or uncaring about the fate of our nation?

What about Congress? Have the socialists/communists/Marxists in Congress accrued enough power that the rest of Congress is “afraid of them?” What about the FBI? When the President is a communist or does not recognize the authority of our Constitution, has lied when he took the oath of office, who takes the steps to remove that President? When the Congress has one party controlled by members who are conspiring with the President, who takes the proper steps to remove them from office? When the other party in Congress is made up of members who are so secure in their laurels because of their years of service and the lobbyist who support them that they won’t work with the remaining party members who “are” trying to adhere to the constitution and the demands  of the American people, who steps in to take the action required to rid Congress of this wasted baggage? Who rids the Legislative Branch and Executive Branch of corruption and enemies of the state when both branches are unable to do so themselves as we are now witnessing?

Thank God for the Tea Party!

Impeach the President for consistently violating the Constitution. Get rid of the Progressive Caucus members and try them all for sedition or treason along with the President. Tell the “fat cat” Republicans who still think the lobbyists weld more power than the demands of the people! to put up or go home. Let someone else take their job.


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  4. Thank you for sharing this … and putting your unique perspective to it. I also appreciate all the related articles and info you post! Thanks! KEEP WRITING! 🙂

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  7. Excellent article and blog! Please check out my writings and consider joining joining our movement to oust the snakes in DC! Keep up the GOOD work! A J MacDonald Jr.

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  17. Freedom, by the way said

    Well stated! The Tea Party, the conservatives and the libertarians are working hard to swing the pendulum back. But as you so often post, the “progressives” are playing by a different rule book. We need to turn it inside out and stop playing so nice.

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