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I Wonder if a Palin-Bachman Ticket would fly?

Posted by devildog6771 on April 4, 2011

2012 Republican Presidential Candidates

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FOX News was interviewing a Democratic Senator today about Obama‘s bid for re-election.  When asked about Obama’s chances for a successful re-election, the Senator went on to say that except for Romney, he felt there was little competition.

I disagree with the Senator’s remarks! We have two excellent candidates in my opinion, Sarah Palin and Michele Bachman. However, it is unfortunate that neither will be given serious consideration because they are women. With all our progress in America in Civil Rights, equal pay for equal work, we still have the under lying attitude that women are not strong enough for the job of President or Vice President.

The gold old boys in Congress will do everything they can to protect the status quo. The little woman may be tolerated and later respected in Congress, as Governor, even as Speaker of the House. But, we still have a stereotype about a woman as President and Vice President.

If the President can’t remember there are fifty states, not fifty-seven, then I can’t see where there is a problem with either Palin or Bachman  making a mistake in one of their speeches. I would think the odds are it is very easy for a politician to mis-speak on occasion about an event, place, or whatever, not because they don’t know what they are talking about; but, because politicians are people just like anyone else. (Well, most of them any way. I have my doubts lately about some)

I think a ticket with Palin and Bachman should be given serious consideration. I am sick of the same old politicians running for office, and all they do is the same old wishy-washy job. They have their noses so far up the butts of lobbyist and special interest groups that they can’t seem to remember they represent the American people.

We need new faces. We need people who are willing to take a stand. We need people with backbone. We need people who remember that they represent the people of the nation. We need people who support the Constitution and love our Republic. What we don’t need is a “fundamental” transformation. We reject socialism/communism/Marxism.

There is no room for people who support either of these three ideologies. They are not compatible with with our Republican form of government. We are a nation based on religious freedom. Neither of the three recognizes or accepts God or religion! Neither of the three can truthfully take the oath of office.

I feel that a law should be passed by Congress that limits Senators to two consecutive terms with a term break before they can run again. The Representatives  should be limited to six with a term break before seeking that office again. This would prevent members of Congress from becoming entrenched in office and becoming so powerful that they are almost unaccountable to the public.

I also feel the Constitutional amendment that replaces the states individual right to select their own Senator should be repealed. This is one way to prevent the Federal Government from becoming too large and powerful. It would also return ownership of the Senators back to the states as was the intention of our Forefathers. State legislative selection of senators also protects states rights.

Acknowledging the need for new blood in Congress and the White House, Sarah Palin and Michele Bachman are the only two people in the political arena I can think of who consistently voice the demands of the American People. They are the only two potential candidates who, in my opinion,  have no questionable loyalties or ties to major lobbyist and special interest groups.

As for Palin’s personal issues, non affect her ability to do her job. If we can excuse a president who can’t keep his zipper closed and has a socialist for a wife, we can certainly accept a candidate who puts everything right out into the open, warts and all, as Palin does. She makes no pretense that her or her family are the impractical Ozzie and Harriet family. She allows us to see her for what she is, a politician, a wife , and a mother!

I love the fact that Palin and her family possesses the spirit and sense of pioneer strength of our ancestors. I admire the way her family embraces the trappings of the times while respecting the heritage of her ancestors. I also am impressed by the way she and her family practice independent survival and close family ties. These are qualities many of us have forgotten.

Michele Bachman has actively endorsed the will of the people and has stood tall against political fallout from the good old boy Republicans. She is also articulate and experienced. Her competence is above reproach! She has not allowed herself to fall into the trappings of  a majority of republicans and those non socialist/communist/Marxist Democrats who present a timid image when it comes to challenging those in Congress who fail to adhere to the Constitution.

Both Palin and Bachman are not afraid to challenge the old guard when necessary.

Margaret Thatcher was a very respected Prime Minister in Great Britain. She faced many challenges with skill and and an iron will. Indira Gandhi was a capable leader in India. Merkle is a capable leader in Germany. Neither of these women shirked from their duties. All three easily faced off  the challenges of their times. They are all excellent examples of the competence women exhibit in the highest level of public office and service.

It is time in America that we no longer allow gender to be a factor in consideration under consideration  for the offices of Vice President and President.  Qualifications ought to be based on character, experience, and ability! Both Palin and Bachman posses these qualities.


6 Responses to “I Wonder if a Palin-Bachman Ticket would fly?”

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  3. I think that the premise is a little faulty. Hillary Clinton lost the nomination for Prez in 2008 mostly because she ignored the caucus states. Otherwise Mr. Obama would have had a SERIOUS run for his money. Still, Michelle Bachman has more cred than Sarah Palin, only because Ms. Palin quit her job as governor to make money as a speaker. Now don’t get me wrong, you do what you have to for family. But I’m not sure that will stand the scrutiny of the public. Ms. Bachman is radical, yet she has a great deal of experience.
    Don’t count the women out yet. We will see one in the White House soon, I am certain of it!

  4. Freedom, by the way said

    You hit the nail on the head with this one, devil dog! Isn’t it sad that we just witnessed the passing of the first female VP candidate (Geraldine)–and she ran YEARS ago–and we still have only had one female VP candidate and never a female VP or President. As a female I can say this, I believe it’s the attitude of American women, more than men, that in recent decades have kept women out of the oval office. Liberal women and liberal women’s groups like NOW have no problem promoting their own and somehow “looking the other way” when it comes to the trashing of conservative women and the treatment of women in the Muslim world How can anyone, much less a woman, defend that culture where women are treated like dirt under your feet. And then these same progressive women have no problem tearing down conservative women. Women are catty, ruthless, jealous creatures when it comes to other women.ESP when it comes to Liberal Women on Conservative Women.
    In a perfect world, I think a Bachman/Palin or Palin/Bachman ticket would make for a dynamic duo and they would certainly shake up old boy networks on a global scale. More importantly, they would steer this nation towards energy independence, fiscal responsiblity and a return to constitutional values.
    Also agree with returning to the states selecting Senators.
    Great Post!

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