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Recall Votes

Posted by devildog6771 on April 5, 2011

George Meany, American labor activist.

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Union officials and other supporting organization are organizing massive efforts to force recall votes in the latest effort to forestall states who are trying to pass legislation to use performance and merit for pay raises for public employees. The states are also including legislation to make public employees pay more of their retirement packages and healthcare costs in line with what private citizens now pay.

I think it is about time that legislators enacted this type legislation. Unions and their demands are bankrupting states. Public employees and federal employees should not be unionized. States and the Federal government are not private industry. There is no profit for employees to share. Even Franklin Roosevelt former union officials (George Meany) expressed this wisdom!

The state of  Wisconsin has a legitimate reason to seek recall votes for those Demo-commies who abandoned their jobs to prevent voting on legislation. Demo-commies and their union allies do not have cause to do the same. They do not present truthful information to voters about the state’s efforts to save the state from bankruptcy. This is a battle revolving around union control and power. It is a battle revolving around acceptance of a republican government. It is a battle to refuse acceptance of socialism/communism/Marxism in America.


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