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Get Rid of Harry Reid?

Posted by devildog6771 on April 6, 2011

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Throughout the day, everyday, we are blitzed with the fear of a government shutdown! Boehner is refusing to back down from the promise made to voters in the last mid-term. However Harry Reid continues to refuse to sign off on the spending bill.

Finally there is a call for Harry Reid to step down. I agree. But, don’t stop with Reid. Pelosi keeps ranting about taking “food” out of the mouths of the elderly and stealing “funds” for our children. Get rid of Pelosi too!

Reid and Pelosi are the two most adamant obstacles in Congress to just about any effort to save our economy. and our Republic. Go to and see how these two politicians have profited personally from legislation over the course of their political careers. They both give lip service about help in the down trodden. Both are the biggest waste of human space in all of Congress.

Boot Reid and Pelosi out of Congress. Maybe then Congress can get some real work done! Let them each go back to their home states and reak  havoc there. Then let’s see how much their voters love them!


3 Responses to “Get Rid of Harry Reid?”

  1. Well said. Reid and Pelosi must go. They are a detriment to the American people. They have pilfered the coffers darn near dry and have the audacity to go into a tantrum because Americans are demanding that for once, they do the people’s work. Time for both of them TO GO.

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