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Wisconsin judge election a dead heat?

Posted by devildog6771 on April 6, 2011

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It’s wake-up time in America. The judicial race in Wisconsin is giving the rest of the nation a strong clue of what to expect in every single race between now and the Presidential race in 2012.

The fate of Governor Walkers efforts to stop the state from going broke hinge on this race. It is felt the incumbent will decide in favor of the state. While the challenger will decide along liberal terms.

Look at the size of the crowds in Wisconsin. Don’t believe for a single moment that the Unions and King Soros aren’t behind events there. If Americans want to win the war on socialism/communism/Marxism in America, then we must take the bulls by the horns!

We cannot let these traitors with their millions control our elections. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Wisconsin is probably one of the most critical elections in the country. At stake is the states rights guaranteed in the Constitution. Every state has the right to conduct its business without interference. 

States also have the right to say to unions enough is enough! Personally I believe unions should not be allowed to continue to represent state and federal employees. Unions used to serve a public good. There are many great accomplishments and improvements made by unions for the working  people.

However, there is only so much any company can pay in wages and benefits. As a former union member of a very well known union I can tell you that when a contract is negotiated between a union and an employer, the ink isn’t dry before the next contact is already in the works.

In 23 and a half years, my company went on strike every three years except for 2 times, maybe three. At every steward’s meeting much of the time was devoted to political activism. Even the time we were on strike for a month, to my knowledge, none of the workers saw a penny of the strike fund to help them get through the strike.

Unions are supposed represent workers and bargain for them to receive some of the profit made corporations. They also helped employees  have safe working environments, medical and dental coverage, and other benefits. But,again, there is only so much any business can give employees and still make a profit and stay in business.

I feel government employees should not be unionized. Unions bargain with private businesses and industry for a portion of the profit made by businesses in the form of benefits and/or raises. Governments, state, local, or federal are not money makers. Normally merit pay and performance raises are ideal methods to reward government workers.

Governments cannot function when their employees are constantly on strike. Nor can they function as they should when they are in effect controlled by unions. Unions prohibit governmental functions. Governments are no longer working for the people they represent.

More and more the unions are infiltrated at all levels by communist officials. Trumpka, head of the AFL/, is actively involved with the International which has allied with the Open Society (George Soros), and the militant Islamists. Together the three are part of a worldwide movement to form a single world government with open borders.

What no-one discusses is what will happen if this alliance succeeds in destroying the U.S. economy and its Republican government and topples the European governments economically. Radical Islam wants a worldwide caliphat. The communist want a worldwide communist government. The two are not compatible.

Personally, if America succumbs, then the rest of the world falls too! Our troops are based around the world to help protect the continued welfare and freedom of nations because none of the nations we support have a significant military force of their own to protect their nation from hostile enemies.

Protestors are bused in from all over the country to protest in Wisconsin. Among the crowd are signs from every radical or socialist organization in America. Unfortunately, most of the mainstream media doesn’t cover the socialist/communist/Marxist involvement. Thank King Soros for that. His money finances or supports most of those groups protesting.

It is time for the rest of us to start doing some protesting. If you’re like me your income doesn’t allow you do some things you might want to do. But, you can use Facebook, Twitter, or your blog. It is time for all Americans who love our rights, freedom, and country to stand side by side and fight back now before it is too late.  There is also the Freedom Connection. It allows you to connect with other Americans who want to safeguard our Republic.


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