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IF THERE BE TROUBLE, LET IT BE IN MY DAY, THAT MY CHILD MAY HAVE PEACE..Thomas Paine, "The Crisis" 1776, ("The Undefeated").

The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

Posted by devildog6771 on April 9, 2011

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The sky is falling! The sky is falling! If the current budget proposal passes, women will  face a “death sentence.” Children will be going hungry. Seniors will go hungry. Bombs will drop out of the sky and we need to run for cover.

When did abortion clinics become the sole provider of all aspects of women;s health care? Most women I know go to their “PCP.” That doctor in turn refers women to whatever specialty doctor they need to see.

Those who have little or no income go to the local health department. Now this is where there is a major problem. You see, the local health department  is usually filled with “illegal” aliens! Wow, I wonder how that happens?

NPR and Planned Parenthood have never come into my neighborhood to deliver meals to the elderly or any kids. I did recently hear that Planned Parenthood did a lot to clean up unwanted pregnancies for our local “professional women!” Well, that was before they got busted!

Look! Reid, Pelosi. and Schumer are  again using typical Saul Alinsky tactics. Lie when you have to.  If you get caught in that lie, repeatedly blame the other side and after a while people will begin to believe the lie. The end always justifies the means.

The Demo-commies really think we are “baby chicken littles” running around without a coherent thought in our brain, totally dependent on their guidance. Sorry, guys, I learned independent thought a long time ago. I even taught it to my kids! Imagine that. Two generations in the same family exercising independent  thought.

Mr. Boehner, hold the line. Don’t give an inch. We don’t have any money to spend.






7 Responses to “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!”

  1. Freedom, by the way said

    It’s EMBARRASSING that we have elected officials who lie and (to use Harry’s word) resort to HYPERBOLE. I saw the clip where Harry said “I’m doing this for my wife. For my daughter…” REALLY? I find it quite hard to believe that your wife and daughter utulize the services of Planned Parenthood for ANYTHING. You have a cushy congressional healthcare plan–and plenty of private means. On The Judge tonight, some Republican Congressman (can’t remeber who) said this whole debate about $61 Billion while we have a deficit of $14 Trillion is like Alice in Wonderland.

  2. jkbwho07 said

    Ha! Love it!

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