Love it or Leave it!!

IF THERE BE TROUBLE, LET IT BE IN MY DAY, THAT MY CHILD MAY HAVE PEACE..Thomas Paine, "The Crisis" 1776, ("The Undefeated").

The end always justifies the means, right??

Posted by devildog6771 on April 14, 2011

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It is time to take action!. We need to stop this President from bankrupting this country. He is completely unwilling to listen to anyone’s ideas but his own. If he wants to live in a socialist/communist/Marxist country then Congress has my permission to buy him and all his other socialists/communists/Marxists pals a one way ticket to China (oh, wait, they are starting to embrace capitalism), or Russia (oh wait, the old Russia failed, so they did it wrong?), Cuba (hmm, they will soon be all alone as the Cubans keep coming here (in boats, etc.) to get away from “Utopia”!), Well, then just buy them all one-way tickets to Brazil or Venezuela!

Send them anywhere they want just as long as they leave here. Let them tax the hell out of their rich. tell Hugo how great ObamaCare really is and maybe he’ll listen. I’d be a little careful though because life through a call window is rather limited. But, best of all, they will all be gone from here!

I promise you, we will all be rooting for you and your hopeful success of a socialist/communist/Marxist Utopia. You all deserve to have your wishes granted, just not in America. You see, we love it here. We want to stay a Republic. We like having freedom of Religion and free speech. We love all those things you try so hard to take away from us.

You want sheep. Hell, we’ll even throw in a dozen damn sheep if it means you will leave quicker and promise to stay away.

In the mean time, we do not want the debt ceiling raised. We do not want taxes raised. We do not want ObamaCare! We don’t want a single thing that you have to “offer!” Everything you offer is a diversion to hide your real motives, the collapse of America.

You may have scared the Republicans. You may hold the true Democrats hostage. But, you damn well don’t control or hold us, the people. We got rid of one would be “King.” Did you think we would really sit by and let you destroy us or our government without fighting back.

Say what you will about the Tea Party; but, they are the least of your worries! Be afraid, be very afraid! Your continued path to destruct America is backfiring. Once that happens, you will have to answer for your treasonous actions, all of you! And, don’t think your hand-picked judges will help you because they too will have to answer for their actions, failure to serve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the “United States of America!”

One last point, are all you supposed pacifists happy with all the deaths you are personally responsible for in the middle East? After all you all worked hard enough in “secret” to bring this all about. They are revolting You stirred them up; started the ball rolling; then put your tails between your legs and turned your backs on them! I am sure that you all must feel very self-righteous and proud of all the deaths and destruction you have caused. After all, the end always justifies the means, right??


7 Responses to “The end always justifies the means, right??”

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  2. Freedom, by the way said

    great post, devildog! I linked this post to my most recent.

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  4. You got it, the “good old boys!” Hey, what do you think about Trump?

  5. Freedom, by the way said

    You bring to mind a very nice image: BO & Hugo fighting it out for control of a tiny fifedom. I don’t believe Republicans are scared of our prez. But maybe you are referring to those in the snow globe dome of DC. Then they need to wander outside the beltway and get their bearings again. Most of us refuse to go down without a fight.

  6. Continue to focus on

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