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Ethanol and Ethano 101 – Are We getting all the Facts?

Posted by devildog6771 on April 20, 2011

Molécule animée de l'éthanol

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From SECO, the State Energy Conservation Office in Texas, I found another article, ETHANOL, which discusses the pros and cons of using ethanol as an alternative fuel source.

I also found another post by Hendon Publishing Company, Ethanol 101. Again this article discusses the pros and cons of using ethanol as an alternative or supplemental fuel source to gasoline.

Both posts indicate that ethanol is not the magic panacea President Obama would have us believe  it is to off-sett the cost and availability of Middle East oil. Go to both links and read what both articles say about ethanol!


2 Responses to “Ethanol and Ethano 101 – Are We getting all the Facts?”

  1. Michael G. Murphy said

    Some facts that are not well known to the average American citizen:

    1. Our nation has been under an official state of “Martial Law” ever since our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln declared us in a State of Martial Law during the Civil War. Which is how he could violate so many rights in the Bill of Rights. The next time the Bill of Rights were ignored was during WWII when many American citizens of Japanese decent were thrown into little more than a concentration camp because their eyes were slanted and their color was different from the white majority. Later on the US Supreme Court ruled that this was illegal, but nobody paid any thing for it. Since then several Presidents has signed Executive Orders (Unconstitutional by nature, which is why we have a Congress). President’s don’t have the power to make Executive Orders. That power is reserved for Congress and the States. What is happening in this nation goes directly against what our Founding Fathers started so long ago. They knew first-hand what it was like to live under a tyrannical government having been under the various Kings of England. So they set out to make a better union called, “The Article of Conferation.” Unfortunately they didn’t give the President enough power to rule so they had to pass the US Constitution which gave presidents more power and allowed them to rule. President after President have been doing their best to destroy our Constitution. And they have been doing a very job at it as well.
    Congress has given up so much of their authority given to them in the Constitution that it’s pethetic. For instance, they and only they were given the power to print money and deal with it in every way. But through legistlation which I feel is illegal since it went through Congress but was a Constitutional change and should have been ratified by a majority of the States as well, but that never happened. So Congress loses power, the Supreme Court stops doing it’s job and the only one that is still working is the Presidentcy which has usurped so much power from the other branches of government. And instead of anyone saying this is wrong, only some freedom watchers are bringing a warning. Everyone else could care less.
    Both of my parents were involved in WWII. My Mother was one of the millions that lived in an occupied nation = Belgium; and my Father fought as a foot Soldier in the landings at Normady and they kept going till way after Begliumm but that is where he met my Mother. She was a war bride and unfortunately they are both dead now. When you have all of your freedoms taken away, you come to treasure them and perhaps that will have to happen to this nation before we will appreciate them as well. Finally Congress gave up their power to make money to the Fed which is not Federal in anyway except for its name and it run by a group of independent bankers who have to answer to no one and do as they please. That’s like putting the wolves in charge of the sheep hoping that the wolves will go against their nature and do what is right. America is headed for some very bad & scary times unless we kick out the rascals and follow the original Constitution of the US and forget about writing a new Bill of Rights. There was nothing wrong with the first one other than we don’t honor it anymore. God help us. MGM.

    • First, you must be very proud of both your parents. I knew several people who landed in Normandy. It was very bad. In her own way your mom was a hero too, as were so many who survived the occupations. I am sorry they are both gone. I just lost my sister and her don was killed in Kuwait. Loss is very hard.

      Your post is very accurate. Sadly, you are also right when you say that few people know these truths. Even fewer seem to want to know. I don’t understand such complacency or ignorance!

      Thank you for your post. I enjoyed it.

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