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Ethanol Makes Gasoline Costlier, Dirtier

Posted by devildog6771 on April 20, 2011

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From  the CATO Institute, I have found an article that reviews the “Untruths and misconceptions about ethanol.” As I read this post, I could hear President Obama giving another one of his speeches about the many advantages of using ethanol as a feasible alternative to relying totally on imported oil.

After doing some research, I find that Obama’s claims about the advantages of using ethanol are anything but accurate!

Ethanol will lead to energy independence. If all the corn produced in America last year were dedicated to ethanol production (14.3 percent of it was), U.S. gasoline consumption would drop by 12 percent. For corn ethanol to completely displace gasoline consumption in this country, we would need to appropriate all U.S. cropland, turn it completely over to corn-ethanol production, and then find 20 percent more land for cultivation on top of that.

Go read the rest of the report by the CATO Institute,


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