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Obama’s Birth Certificate, A “Trojan Horse?”

Posted by devildog6771 on April 27, 2011


Image by SS&SS via Flickr

The drama has played out. Trump finally managed to force Obama to present his “long form birth certificate. Now it will, of course, require verification. On face value, it seems “the Donald” was successful.

Obama says he is glad the issue is over. He can now focus on “more important”  issues! That brings to mind some “important” questions. One, if  Obama  feels there are more important issues, why did he let the birth certificate issue drag on for over two years? Second, as President, he more than any other public official would naturally come under scrutiny? His citizenship is a Constitutional requirement. He should know that! Third, if he really feels this issue was unimportant, why should we trust him about anything he does? His lack of compliance created the furor. Showed his contempt!

As for the more important business, he certainly doesn’t act like he is aware of the priorities he should following now. He is doing nothing to prevent our nation from collapsing economically! His actions are in fact doing exactly the opposite!

An additional urgent issue at hand now is the dramatic devastation taking place across the nation. Why hasn’t  Obama previewed the areas involved in the flooding and the hurricanes? Look at all the homeless!

My next question. Mr. Obama, are you proud of the number of lives lost by the wars spring boarded by Ayers, Trumpka, Dorn, all those other radicals who went to the Middle East and used Facebook to stir up the unrest in the region?  Apparently all those people surrounding you and supporting you, ACORN, Code Pink, Worker’s World,UFPJ to name a few only care about lives lost when we defend ourselves against enemy attacks. There were thousands  “murdered” at home and abroad.

Finally, Mr. Obama, are you proud of the increased number of  deaths of American Troops and Afghans due to the sudden resurgence of Taliban? Are yo proud that your people have put in motion the rise if the “Brotherhood” and Al-Qaeda in the Middle East?

Are you proud of the rising costs of everything in America, including oil? How can you ask oil companies to start pumping out more oil when you refuse to grant them drilling rights at home? Look at all the jobs you are preventing in America with your refusal. What about the jobs you are costing North Carolinians? Boeing has the right to build plants anywhere they want. It is a fundamental right in America. We are a “free enterprise” system. It is not your job to support the union politics because they own part of you. We are not a dictatorship!

You make think we American citizens will take this forever. But, remember, the election is at hand. Or, do you plan to declare a state of emergency and try to take away our Constitutional rights. Mistake! Big Mistake! If you really are the American you say you are, then when will you start to act like one?

You know what I see? I see a “Trojan Horse!”


3 Responses to “Obama’s Birth Certificate, A “Trojan Horse?””

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  2. Personally, I don’t think he really cares one way or the other!

  3. Freedom, by the way said

    This president is in a quagmire and he’s dragging the entire country down with him.

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