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Glenn Beck – A Tribute to an American Hero!

Posted by devildog6771 on May 18, 2011

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Shortly after my nephew was killed in Kuwait March 5, 2004, I started a blog called Hello Iraq,. I was trying to find a way to turn my grief into something positive. I found some troop blogs when I was looking up information about my nephew. After months of going to different support blogs and reading troop blogs Hello Iraq, was born.

I wrote about a variety of topics there. I did a great deal of research on my posts before I wrote them. One day my search for information accidentally pulled up a page from the DSA website which showed the minutes from their latest National Convention. The main focus was the collapse of the old Soviet Union. After much lamenting about its demise, a man got up and talked about why Russia collapsed and how its mistakes could be “fixed” and a new nation could be built up right here in America.

This began a quest of several years which led me to DISCOVERTHENETWORKS.ORG. From there I found many other sites and organizations which verified everything I found on DISCOVERTHENETWORKS.ORG. I found much information from sites run by the extremist. They openly and proudly talked about their agenda!

After a while I began to feel as if I was becoming paranoid. A conspiracy to overthrow the United States! Destroying the Constitution! America is being taken over by communist/socialist/Marxist. Never Happen! But, everything I read said different.

I read the “Shadow Party” by Poe along with many other great books. They all proved my fears were real. I wrote about this movement on my blog. Of all those people I researched, two people stood out as the most dangerous, George Soros and Cass Sunstein.

I wanted to expose everything I could about their “revolution. I felt that I owed it to our troops. What better tribute to the troops than protecting the “homeland” as they defended it. I felt it was my duty and the duty of all Americans here at home to do our part to safeguard our Republic.

One day my son came home from college and said he wanted me to watch this man, Glenn Beck on T.V.. My son is a pretty smart guy. He never believes anything or anyone about certain topics unless he researches it for himself. So I watched Glenn Beck. I was hooked! Here was someone else who pretty much found out about the movement to overthrow America by accident, same way I did. Someone who began to research the validity of his suspicions. He helped fill in the holes i hadn’t found yet. He led me to Cass Sunstein and others behind the progressive effort to bring down our Republic!

Glenn Beck was on FOX News. I had already moved away from CNN and MSNBC to FOX News. The other two didn’t report all the news. Here at home we got one story on the news. But, a different story was being told by the troops on their blogs! I probably would have found Glenn Beck on my own. But, I am glad my son told me to watch his show.

Glenn educated us about the “Founding Fathers.” He taught us about the Constitution. Glenn taught us the “real” American History, not the history edited by progressives. Glenn was a watchdog and champion for American rights as put down in our Constitution. He reminded us about all that is good about this country. He told us the truth about the dangers ahead as we begin to take back our Republic. He showed us the events taking place throughout the world that we needed to know. But one of the best things  Glenn did for our nation was teach us how to question? He taught us to use our own minds and do our own homework. He repeatedly stressed that we not take his word for anything he said; but, instead, to research for ourselves. He helped make us aware of our own responsibilities as citizens to do our own homework and in doing so he helped us take back our own empowerment as citizens.

Glenn Beck is about to end his show on FOX News. He hasn’t yet said what his next project will be; but, I am sure he isn’t done. I wish him success in whatever endeavor he undertakes next. I offer my thanks for all his hard work and the honesty and integrity with which he conducted his show.

God Bless you Glenn Beck. Don’t stop speaking out. In America, you have helped people begin to see the threats to our Republic. You deserve the highest civilian award given by America for helping to keep America free.  I know this will never happen. But, I want you to know you have my vote!!

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George Soros: Wikipedia, Discoverthenetworks,org, Human Events, Fox News


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