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“H.R. 1954: To implement the President’s request to increase the statutory limit on the public debt” failed to pass

Posted by devildog6771 on June 1, 2011

It appears that some common sense has prevailed! The House Vote on “H.R. 1954: To implement the President’s request to increase the statutory limit on the public debt” failed to pass. One more hurdle has been passed. Below are the totals. i also included (only) the names of those House Members who voted “to” increase our National Debt Limit.

It is too soon to determine if Congress still has their head in the wrong place, Time will tell!

Now it is time for the Tea Party members to do their job. Spread the word! Educate the public! If any of those who voted for this bill are up for re-election, maybe it’s time for them to be replaced!

Suspension Vote: H.R. 1954 To implement the President’s request to increase the statutory limit on the public debt

House Vote On Passage: H.R. 1954: To implement the President’s request to increase the…
Number: House Vote #379 in 2011 [primary source:]
Date: May 31, 2011 7:11PM
Result: Failed
Bill: [Track The Bill] H.R. 1954:

Yea: 97 (23%)
Nay: 318 (74%)
Present: 7 (2%)
Not Voting: 9 (2%)
Required: 2/3 of 422 votes (=282 votes)
(Vacancies in Congress will affect vote totals.)

yea: 97
nay: 82
present: 7
not voting: 6

yea: 0
nay: 236
present: 0
not voting: 3

yea: 0
nay: 0
present: 0
not voting: 0


Yea AL-7 Sewell, Terri [D]

Yea AZ-4 Pastor, Edward [D]
Yea AZ-7 Grijalva, Raul [D]
Not Voting AZ-8 Giffords, Gabrielle [D]

Yea CA-5 Matsui, Doris [D]
Yea CA-6 Woolsey, Lynn [D
Yea CA-9 Lee, Barbara [D]
Yea CA-10 Garamendi, John [D]
Yea CA-12 Speier, Jackie [D]
Yea CA-13 Stark, Fortney [D]
Yea CA-14 Eshoo, Anna [D]
Yea CA-15 Honda, Michael [D]
Yea CA-16 Lofgren, Zoe [D]
Yea CA-17 Farr, Sam [D]
Yea CA-27 Sherman, Brad [D]
Yea CA-28 Berman, Howard [D]
Yea CA-30 Waxman, Henry [D]
Present CA-32 Chu, Judy [D]
Yea CA-34 Roybal-Allard, Lucille [D]
Yea CA-35 Waters, Maxine [D]
Yea CA-39 Sanchez, Linda [D]
Not Voting CA-47 Sanchez, Loretta [D]
Yea CA-51 Filner, Bob [D]

Yea CO-1 DeGette, Diana [D]
Yea CO-7 Perlmutter, Ed [D]

Yea CT-1 Larson, John [D]
Yea CT-4 Himes, James [D]
Yea CT-5 Murphy, Christopher [D]

Yea FL-17 Wilson, Frederica [D]

Present GA-4 Johnson, Henry [D]

Yea HI-1 Hanabusa, Colleen [D]
Yea HI-2 Hirono, Mazie [D]

Yea IL-1 Rush, Bobby [D]
Yea IL-2 Jackson, Jesse [D]
Yea IL-4 Gutierrez, Luis [D]
Yea IL-5 Quigley, Mike [D]
Yea IL-7 Davis, Danny [D]
Yea IL-9 Schakowsky, Janice [D]

Yea IN-7 Carson, André [D]

Not Voting IA-1 Braley, Bruce [D]

Yea KY-3 Yarmuth, John [D]

Yea LA-2 Richmond, Cedric [D]

Yea ME-1 Pingree, Chellie [D]

Yea MD-2 Ruppersberger, C.A. [D]
Yea MD-3 Sarbanes, John [D]
Yea MD-4 Edwards, Donna [D]

Yea MA-1 Olver, John [D]
Yea MA-2 Neal, Richard [D]
Yea MA-3 McGovern, James [D]
Yea MA-4 Frank, Barney [D]
Yea MA-5 Tsongas, Niki [D]
Not Voting MA-6 Tierney, John [D]
Yea MA-7 Markey, Edward [D]
Yea MA-8 Capuano, Michael [D]
Yea MA-9 Lynch, Stephen [D]

Yea MI-5 Kildee, Dale [D]
Yea MI-13 Clarke, Hansen [D]
Yea MI-15 Dingell, John [D]

Not Voting MN-1 Walz, Timothy [D]
Yea MN-4 McCollum, Betty [D]
Yea MN-5 Ellison, Keith [D]

Yea MS-2 Thompson, Bennie [D]

Yea MO-1 Clay, William [D]
Yea MO-5 Cleaver, Emanuel [D]

New Jersey:
Yea NJ-8 Pascrell, William [D]
Yea NJ-9 Rothman, Steven [D]
Yea NJ-10 Payne, Donald [D]
Yea NJ-12 Holt, Rush [D]
Yea NJ-13 Sires, Albio [D]

New Mexico:
Yea NM-1 Heinrich, Martin [D]
Yea NM-3 Lujan, Ben [D]

New York:
Yea NY-4 McCarthy, Carolyn [D]
Present NY-5 Ackerman, Gary [D]
Present NY-6 Meeks, Gregory [D]
Yea NY-8 Nadler, Jerrold [D]
Yea NY-9 Weiner, Anthony [D]
Yea NY-11 Clarke, Yvette [D]
Yea NY-12 Velazquez, Nydia [D]
Nay NY-13 Grimm, Michael [R]
Yea NY-14 Maloney, Carolyn [D]
Yea NY-16 Serrano, José [D]
Yea NY-17 Engel, Eliot [D]
Yea NY-18 Lowey, Nita [D]
Yea NY-21 Tonko, Paul [D]
Present NY-22 Hinchey, Maurice [D]

North Carolina:
Yea NC-4 Price, David [D]
Not Voting NC-9 Myrick, Sue [R]
Yea NC-12 Watt, Melvin [D]
Yea NC-13 Miller, R. [D]

North Dakota:

Present OH-9 Kaptur, Marcy [D]
Yea OH-10 Kucinich, Dennis [D]
Yea OH-11 Fudge, Marcia [D]

Not Voting OK-3 Lucas, Frank [R]

Yea OR-3 Blumenauer, Earl [D]

Yea PA-1 Brady, Robert [D]
Yea PA-2 Fattah, Chaka [D]
Not Voting PA-13 Schwartz, Allyson [D]
Yea PA-14 Doyle, Michael [D]

Rhode Island:

South Carolina:
Not Voting SC-3 Duncan, Jeff [R]

South Dakota:

Yea TN-5 Cooper, Jim [D]
Yea TN-9 Cohen, Steve [D]

Yea TX-9 Green, Al [D]
Yea TX-18 Jackson-Lee, Sheila [D]
Yea TX-20 Gonzalez, Charles [D]
Present TX-25 Doggett, Lloyd [D]
Yea TX-30 Johnson, Eddie [D]


Yea VT-0 Welch, Peter [D]

Yea VA-3 Scott, Robert [D]
Yea VA-8 Moran, James [D]
Yea VA-11 Connolly, Gerald [D]

Yea WA-2 Larsen, Rick [D]
Yea WA-6 Dicks, Norman [D]
Yea WA-7 McDermott, James [D]

West Virginia:

Yea WI-4 Moore, Gwen [D]



2 Responses to ““H.R. 1954: To implement the President’s request to increase the statutory limit on the public debt” failed to pass”

  1. I agree with you. It has turned into a circus. Take a look at today’s unemployment report!

  2. Freedom, by the way said

    It was all for show, unfortunately. Now, when they vote to raise the debt limit (at the 11th hour and we’ll all be privey to video of how “hard” they are working to cut the budget, save entitlements) they can say, “well, I voted no on it at first.” GRRRR. Put 12 folks with common sense in the room and we can get ‘er done–get rid of the Dept. of Education, neuter the EPA, overhaul food stamps, start drilling offshore & inland (new tax dollars in the system). I could go on, but that’s enough for 2 minutes. In 2 months, congress won’t make THAT much progress.

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