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Take a Poll to Show Who You Want to Run as the Republican Presidential Candidate in 2012?

Posted by devildog6771 on June 9, 2011

Who do you want to run on the Republican ticket against Obama in 2012? Take the poll below and let’s see how this poll stacks up against all the other polls we see everyday. I don’t know about you; but, no one has ever polled me to see who I would pick. So, here’s your chance to speak up

You will only be allowed one vote! You can post any comments you may have below the poll.


7 Responses to “Take a Poll to Show Who You Want to Run as the Republican Presidential Candidate in 2012?”

  1. My dream choice is Allen West.

  2. Freedom, by the way said

    Devil Dog: I posted a link to this post and your poll on my latest post.

    • Thank you, I appreciate it very much. Have you noticed Google doesn’t seem to pick up anything on your blog?

      • Freedom, by the way said

        You know, they used to. I have noticed that I’m not getting google hits anymore. Also, all of my incoming links suddenly disappeared about three weeks ago. There were several, then poof! one day they were gone? What should I do about this? I’m still a greenhorn.

    • Maybe go to WordPress and tell them. I’ve noticed the same thing.

      • Freedom, by the way said

        I found a wp forum–evidently a lot of wp bloggers have seen their incoming links disappear. WP says they are working on the problem, but the links are still there and can be seen in google.
        About the google thing–I guess I better re-register my blog. I’m getting dozens of hits from search engine terms–but the little google icon isn’t popping up in the referral spot so they must be from other engines. How did you notice the google thing? Did you try to google a post? When you google my blog name, I’m on the front page. You need to go to the private village. A lot of debate/republican candidate discussions going on.

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