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Great Man, Obama, so says Biden??

Posted by devildog6771 on June 22, 2011

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Biden Calls Obama ‘Great Man.‘ Says GOP Medicare Plan and Bin Laden’s Death Will Help Dems. Obama is another Hitler wannabe. A Lenin or Stalin impersonator. He surrounds himself with his Czars of evil because he knows he couldn’t have gotten them vetted through Congress. If he had been working directly with his cabinet as he should, he would be impeached by now and probably charged with treason.

Obama has issued Executive Mandates thereby bypassing Congress and assumed enormous powers in his bid to take over this nation. He has brought in Trumpka and his other “allies” in crime because he couldn’t have done any of this on his own! As for Biden, let’s just say Biden has his head in that unreachable zone down below.

I don’t think any of the liberals really have a good grasp on reality. Yet they think they know what really is good for America and the world. They have an ideology that has never passed the test of human success. They have people like Cass Sunstein, Van Jones, Bill Ayers, and the rest of Obama’s cadre of socialists/communists/Marxists Czars who have never done anything with their life but spread failed dogma and blow up buildings. Well, there are two other things they excel at, teaching hate and brainwashing kids! If they weren’t so dangerous, I would feel very sorry for the lot of them. They are truly pathetic, miserable people who will never be content because they think they are superior intellectually to the rest of the world.

All they are is traitors and dissidents who reek pain, suffering, and death like the members of Pol Pot‘s regime, Mao’s regime, Castro’s regime, Kim Jung regime, Hitler’s regime, Stalin regimes and all those other wasted excuses for human beings!

The leftist radicals on Obama’s payroll are as guilty of mass murder as those people they so admire because they are the people who lead the “pigs” to slaughter with their false promises, false hopes, false dreams. They are “sideline angels of death!”

Just look at what they have done in the Middle East. Does it look like those people will be free in the end? No! They going to be worse off because radical Muslims will become their masters!

How many millions must die this time before the average member of society realizes these radicals for what they really are?


4 Responses to “Great Man, Obama, so says Biden??”

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  2. A tip on persuasion. I never compare Obama to Hitler because all people see with Hitler is his anti-semitism and war-mongering. There are fair comparisons between the Nazis and the Democrat Party, since international socialism almost always appears as fascism (“socialism in one state,” e.g.). That is not to say I don’t agree with you for the most part. But know this: There is ideological resistance crystallizing to these would-be totalitarian thugs. Keep spreading the word, keep up the good fight, and keep the faith!

    • Thank you! I see your point. I was thinking about what Obama is doing in the middle East of late. He and his henchmen started all of this. They sent a guy to South America to see how a man used FaceBook to organize an army of rebels. They brought people here from the Middle East to train them. Then Dorn and Ayers, Trumpks’a flunky and others went to the Middle East before this all started and formed an alliance with the International Union, the radical Islamics, and the Communists. Some how the N.W.O. is in there. Soros is involved.

      Their goal is to kill the Jews “Americans!” The communist effort has been in effect since late 1890’s. The N.E.A. was started by Marxists who planned to use our education system to defeat us.By their website they are still communists

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