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An Open Letter sent to Speaker Boehner

Posted by devildog6771 on June 24, 2011

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Mr. Speaker, I trusted you at your word that things would be different in Congress after the mid term. Boy was I stupid.  We were all stupid! While you all, Democrats and Republicans, in Congress play at solving our problems, we, the people have seen absolutely nothing in return for any of your “collective” efforts.

Get your acts together. Don’t raise the debt limit. Cut expenses. Start with all those executive orders that our “president” keeps passing which strip away our rights little by little. Is there not one single honest, courageous Republican who is willing to stand up to the Democrats “and” tell the people the truth about the socialist/communist/Marxist take over in this nation?

All I see are a bunch of spineless Congressional members who talk about our nation as if they care but surely “show” no other indication! I intend no disrespect but I and most of the nation who believe in our Constitution and our Republic are sick of a “do nothing” Congress. We are sick of seeing people whose intentions have anything but the welfare of our Constitution and our Republic at heart destroy both!

Are you all ashamed you set up there on your thrones and let this happen? Certainly you “real” Americans” saw this before we did. You censor for infidelity. You censor for “shady” financial dealings and a host of other matters that are trivial by far when stacked up against the welfare, security, and safety of our Republic.

I know you will never read this post. I am sure someone will delete it. However, on the off chance you do read it, I want to thank you all for throwing our nation in the toilet because of your selfish self interests, your lack of backbone, and your cowardice in dealing with enemies of the Republic and our Constitution. You pathetic excuses for Senators and Representatives have accomplished what no foreign enemy was ever able to do. You have allowed our nation to go down in defeat to domestic enemies.

You should all feel so very proud of yourselves! Congress and the media, oh I forgot, state media, crucified McCarthy. Congress ought to give McCarthy, posthumously, the highest Medal given to American civilians for extreme bravery,courage, and self-sacrifice to America as its one last act of courage before our whole government collapses and the radical left takes away what ever freedoms we still have left!

Everyone thought McCarthy was a nut case because the socialists slandered him doggedly. I am ashamed of the actions of our Congress. We are all ashamed. We are also mad as #ell! May God grant you all mercy because all any of you deserve is our scorn and anger! But, rest assured, if Obama and his criminal henchmen don’t takeover our nation before the next elections, you all need to start looking now for a new job. I’d suggest you don’t put in for ObamaCare, welfare, or unemployment. They won’t give you anything but more poverty. Try cutting grass, or collecting aluminum cans and cardboard boxes to sell to the recyclers! On a good week you might make enough for some food, a pack of cigarettes, and if you’re really lucky a cup of coffeee at the local WaWa!


2 Responses to “An Open Letter sent to Speaker Boehner”

  1. Robert Nimmo said

    Dear Mr. Speaker, PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT GIVE IN TO President Obama and the Democrats!!! I don’t know if this COUNTRY can survive, AND The Public will NEVER TRUST the REPUBLICANS AGAIN if they let the DEms off the hook!!!

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