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We don’t want or need your “nation building!”

Posted by devildog6771 on June 24, 2011

U.S. troops in Afghanistan

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Earlier in the week we all heard the president give about a thirteen (13) minute talk about pulling some of our troops out of Afghanistan. Correct me if I am wrong; but, didn’t the Taliban just announce the beginning of their Spring Offensive? Oh wait, I forgot! As the president said, we aren’t at war with the Taliban. We are at war with Al Qaeda.

Let’s see, we can go into Pakistan for hiding Al Qaeda leaders and fighters. I am so confused! Didn’t the Taliban hide and fight side by side with Al Qaeda? Well, I am sure the president knows best even if General Praetorius doesn’t think this is a good idea.

The president also said we weren’t going to “police” Afghanistan. The people in Afghanistan need to learn how to be responsible for their own welfare. Wow! And Cass Sunstein  doesn’t think people can think for themselves! Imagine that.

The president also said we were not going to “nation build” in Afghanistan. It was time to take care of problems here in America. Time to nation build at home!

Now this really confuses me.  So, I waited to see if anyone else was also bothered by that term “nation building” at home. Well, no one else has brought up the topic. But, I am even more bothered or troubled by it.

We have infra structure in America. We have running water, electricity, schools, Churches, hospitals, and public roads. We have federal, state, local governments. We have the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and National Guard. All of these are the best in the world. We had a space program until it just got closed down. We have a Constitution and a Republican form of government copied by nations all over the world which is over two hundred years old.

So, tell me, what type of “nation building” does the president want to do here at home in America. So far, all I have seen him and his useless czars do is bring our country down to the point of almost total collapse economically and otherwise.

I suggest the president go to Afghanistan along with his czars and nation build there! Maybe he could go to Argentina, Brazil, Iran, Yemen, Bahrain, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, Palestine, to name a few countries. After all, the president has  his people , Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dorn, Trumpka’s representatives, and, lets not forget the Muslim Brotherhood to name a few people. After all , didn’t the president’s people play a role in the chaos over there now in the Middle East?

That brings us to one last point, Israel. Israel is probably the last ally we have left. The rest have all been pushed aside. At all costs, Israel has a right to exist as a free nation as does Palestine. But it is both unjust and impractical to carve up Israel or Jerusalem.To begin with Jerusalem belongs to the world. It isn’t just a Jewish or Muslim city. It is also a Christian city. It belongs to the Jewish, Christians, and Muslims.  Personally, I think Jerusalem should be set up like the Vatican, a separate and Independent entity unto itself with free access to all.

But, I digress. Back to “nation building” in American. Mr. president, our nation is just fine as it is. We love our Republic   and we love our Constitution. Our Republic may not be perfect. We have made mistakes. We will make more. But, mistakes are part of growing. They make us better.

Our Constitution is a wonderful document written with great thought and love. I t provides for us everything we need to make our nation a better place for all of our citizens. It has held us together through many trying times. It has guided us through many good changes. It will continue to do so as long as we study it and stick to its founding principles.

Lastly, we are a nation founded in the belief that freedom and basic human rights are a gift from God, not man. Therefore, only God, our creator  can suppress those rights. The basic rights of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” are guaranteed to all men and women. But each man and woman must pursue these rights. The Constitution does not say the government will make us happy. It does not say the government will buy us a home or make us wealthy. It does say we are all free to pursue these freedoms.

So, as you can see Mr. president, we don’t need or want your nation building in America. We will not allow you to deprive us of the pleasure of  achievement. We will not allow you to rob us of the satisfaction of hard work or its rewards. I, we are entitled to nothing. We are free to pursue whatever we chose as long as we are willing to work and capable of  that pursuit. This is American Exceptionalism!


4 Responses to “We don’t want or need your “nation building!””

  1. Hi All,

    Just want to thank you for kindly citing my article here! We conservative bloggers need to stick together and get a real grass movement started. Most Americans don’t buy into the crazy progressive agenda. They just think they are the only ones who feel that way. I have proved, through an in depth study of the stock market, that 6 private families and/or groups have purchased ALL American news- both conservative & liberal. They have split it evenly between themselves. They also own all the t.v. shows and movie production companies. Basically, they can control the message. The internet is the only place where free press still exists. And Lieberman has quietly introduced a new bill (it’s on the Senate floor now) to give Obama FULL control of the Internet for 30 days without needing to justify it to anyone. The ‘real’ news is not covering these events. If we lose the Internet, we have nothing left. In any case, thanks again. Btw: you found my article via my secondary blog, Rants n Rages, who carries all my articles. I am not long with them- but you can get all my articles directly from my primary blog: Short Little Rebel on word press! I welcome you all.. blog on!

  2. Freedom, by the way said

    I hadn’t really thought of Obama’s comment about nation building at home in that way–but that’s a great point. (I think I’ve been too hung up on trying to figure out the Libya “kinetic” miltiary action. Have NO idea what that is). Love your idea about Jerusalem being set apart like the Vatican–with Israel in control, of course. I think you should subit that idea.

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