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Big Government and Big Business – Their partnership excludes Small bussinesses and “the people in America

Posted by devildog6771 on July 8, 2011

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Wall Street and “Big Business” do not support a debt ceiling “or” tax increases! But don’t think for one moment they are concerned about us or small businesses! Neither figures into their picture.

These mega corporations lobby for tax breaks and subsidies which primarily benefit them. A deficit helps them obtain these incentives. Raising the debt ceiling is bad for all businesses. But, default can hurt small businesses and the mega corps.

Bottom line is the ones who most benefit from huge deficits and avoiding default by raising the debt ceiling isn’t you, me, or small business. It is the Mega corporations and “Big” government who win.

Check out this post from The Atlantic, Why Big Business Loves Deficits. Read about the symbiotic relationship between “Big” government and the “Mega” corporations. See how they don’t support Republican efforts to cut spending, cap the debt ceiling, and lower taxes.

Remember that these corporations pay millions to lobbyist to to persuade our elected officials to put their corporate interests above those of the people and the small businesses .

H/T: Tea Party Patriots


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