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IF THERE BE TROUBLE, LET IT BE IN MY DAY, THAT MY CHILD MAY HAVE PEACE..Thomas Paine, "The Crisis" 1776, ("The Undefeated").

Could this be a more practical way to “spread the wealth” to coin progressives and not erode our rights, our Constitution, and our Republic?

Posted by devildog6771 on July 31, 2011

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I am sick of listening to Senate Democrats talk about the integrity of a Constitution they do not support. I am sick of listening to Senate Democrats talk about the ideological “war” Republicans are waging. I am sick of listening to Senate Democrats talk about how the Tea Party controls the House but are not fit for the job. I am sick of hearing Senate Democrats talk about how they represent the American people‘s voice. THEY DO NOT!

I am also sick of Republicans, the liberals and the old guard who try to ignore the Tea Party and the will of the people.  Within both parties, in both houses there are splits. The only thing both can agree on is their intense dislike and “fear” of the Tea Party.” The last mid-term elections should have been a wake up call to both parties. But, apparently that is not the case. On both sides of the aisle, be it progressivism, special interests lobbyist, or people like George Soros who buy support or demand support, both parties continue to serve only their special interests without regard for the will of the people.  While all Democrats and all Republicans are not-self serving, there are enough who are in both parties, that Congress has become impotent to carry out their duties.

Americans do not want a socialized government like those failed governments all over Europe now. What these elected officials want in America can never and has never successfully worked in one single nation where it was tried. In America we see an erosion of our rights as guaranteed in the Bill of Rights and Constitution. We see how much socialized programs eat away at our budget and increase our deficit.

What has happened all over the world where a socialized/communist government has been tried is collapsed economies. The people were left with no satisfaction for a job well done. No hope for advancement or accomplishment as a result of self-determination and hard work! God is forbidden. Every aspect of human self-worth, pride, individuality, and human dignity are stripped away and replaced by the collective needs. Individuality is non-existent! The government is the why and wherefore of everything.

Now tell me, who is allowing ideology to cloud their judgement and the state of our Republic? Whose ideology is destroying our Constitution? Spread the wealth is a socialist/communist ideology. It is one of the basic tenants. However the wealth always winds up in the hands of the government and whoever is in power! Presently President Obama and the Progressives are grabbing the “power” as fast as their manipulations allow, for as long as the people remain blind, ignorant, or uninformed!

Not to down play the present situation we are in, it is because of these constant orchestrated crisis that we are in this  situation now. If, in the beginning, we had used logic and reason, this situation would either be non-existent or in a more manageable context. If Senators were selected by state legislatures as in the past, they would have the state’s best interest at heart instead of having to worry about re-election by the people like House members. They wouldn’t be so quick to rush to judgement on issues. It is separation of powers so that states rights are protected where the House is directly answerable to their constituents. What’s good for the person is not always good for the states. The separation of powers allows both sides to be heard and correct action to be taken. It is conducive for a more co-operative effort between parties and between both the House and the Senate!

Again, Americans do not accept a socialist agenda. We do not accept loss of our property. We do not accept over-taxation to support an out of control Federal Government. We do not accept a large Federal government that infringes on the individual rights of citizens and the states. We do not accept loss of any of our civil liberties or those rights in the Bill of Rights! Nor do we accept loss of individual state’s rights! It is a fact. Americans value their freedom above all else!

Democrats and Republicans talk about “a collective” organization for our government.  We have heard all this before in America since the late 1890’s. America is not a Democracy. It is a Constitutional Republic in which elected officials are elected by Democratic means. The people elect their Representatives. Our Senators were originally selected by each individual state legislature. The point of this was to enable our elected officials not to act in a moment of passion; but, to base their judgements and decisions on logic and reasoning. What we have now is a government always reacting to an orchestrated crisis because the media, elected officials, and our President constantly tell us everything has to be done right now or a grave catastrophe will occur! I believe it was a mistake to stop letting state legislatures choose our Senators. It puts too much emotion into our political process. It has contributed to this crisis!

Let me add a little reason and logic to the moment. Let’s look at another time where we experienced a depression. Let’s see how that depression was prevented from becoming a “Great” depression.

After WWI and the soldiers came home we had an economic Depression. The agrarian economy began over producing and our industrial development had not taken off yet. Unemployment went from almost zero to 12% in no time. No jobs were being created. The wealthy weren’t producing jobs because their war-time tax rate of 73%  made business expansion and thus job creation too costly. President Harding appointed Andrew Mellon, a businessman, banker, and philanthropist as our Secretary of the Treasury.

At first Mellon turned him down due to lack of political interests. Harding convinced Mellon to take the job because he knew Mellon had no political aspirations. He knew Mellon would be the best candidate for the job based on his background and the fact he owed no political favors. Harding felt  Mellon had the right background to help end the depression that was sweeping the nation!

Mellon studied the Treasury and our spending habits. He concluded after studying the inflow and outflow of money at the Treasury, that tax hikes during a depression  made everything worse. He decided after much thought and analysis,that maybe what would work was a tax reduction. Mellon proceeded to cut taxes across the board, even for the wealthy.   He cut taxes for the wealthy from 73% to 24%. He cut the budget in half. This led to the debt being cut by one-third 1/3. The country began to experience a recovery. As a result, a time of prosperity was created  which was unparalleled in our history. I am sure we all know about the “roaring twenties!” All of this occurred within two years of Mellon’s appointment!  Over his eleven years he cut our national debt from 26 billion to about 20 billion.

When Mellon cut the tax on the wealthy, the wealthy succeeded in creating jobs as a result of the profits they began to experience. They expended and built new industry. This again increased available jobs. The reduction of taxes for the wealthy indirectly benefited the lower and middle class in America. With jobs available for people the quality of life  for these two groups also greatly improved. They, too, became prosperous! An unexpected result was a greatly increased inflow of tax revenue to the treasury due to the growing profits of the wealthy. The government now had more money to meet its obligations. As I said before, unemployment dropped to 4% or lower!

Hmm! Could this be a more practical way to “spread the wealth” to coin progressives and not erode our rights, our Constitution, and our Republic?

I believe Mellon’s greatest contribution to our nation was his brilliant understanding of taxes and how increasing and decreasing taxes affected our economy. Our depression was ended by using tax cuts and spending cuts, not tax increases and entitlements!.  This was never tried before.

There was one other thing that Harding did that helped speed up recovery from the depression. He addressed the public and spoke  candidly about what was going on.  He told people there were no quick fixes. He did not use fear and an  orchestrated crisis to stir  up the public. He used honesty and openness and hired Andrew Mellon. He told the people that with patience and working together, they could ride out the depression. It had to run its course.

Harding listened to Mellon’s findings. He listened to Mellon’s idea to cut taxes because he saw that  increasing taxes didn’t help based on Mellon’s findings. The two worked together and with the help of the people ended that depression. Openness, honesty, a willingness to select someone with no hidden agenda, but a lot of personal experience worked then. It could work now!

If Americans would become more aware and hold the government and elected officials accountable to the public, the Constitution, and the principles of our Founders, we could save our economy and our Republic. We could, once again, restore our nation to the freest and most prosperous nation in the world. We could restore our “American Exceptionalism!”



4 Responses to “Could this be a more practical way to “spread the wealth” to coin progressives and not erode our rights, our Constitution, and our Republic?”

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  3. bonju said

    interesting article. Seems that you are a historian and perhaps in writing more articles like this you could convince more people that this is the road to embark upon.

    • Bonju, thank you for visiting and for your comments. Actually, I love History. I believe if we study History, we can learn much about how to prevent making the same mistakes previously made by ourselves and others.

      When I wrote this post, I wasn’t sure how it would be received. Thank you for your encouragement. I needed that feedback.

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