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Socialism: The Big Lie!

Posted by devildog6771 on August 9, 2011

Cover of "Socialism on Trial"

Cover of Socialism on Trial

Following this post are eight  very lengthy posts and the table of contents for a series of articles called “Socialism on Trial.” I came across these accidentally as happens with so many of my better finds. As I read through each of these posts, I found myself thinking more and more about our present situation with regard to President Obama and the Progressive Caucus and the socialists who have managed to take control of the Democratic Party. I also contemplated whether Americans realize that our Republic is in a fight for its very survival as a free nation. It is not a Republican versus Democrat struggle.

Read all seven articles completely. I accidentally put the first one last. Sorry! At times you will find that much of what it almost tempting to believe what you read. Make sure you read everything. After I read the entire thing, I was left with a couple of conclusions. One, socialists claim capitalists are imperialists. That we are a threat to world peace and the plight of humanity. I would argue the  opposite.

While no-one can deny that the freer nations were empires at different times in their history, I would argue there are few if any nations that at one time or another were not, or did not go through an Imperial period as they began to explore the unknown world. Most of those empires are now gone. The ones in existence in the free world exist more as partners in a token  empire. With respect to the United States, I don’t consider that we have ever really been an empire. We have control over several Island groups since WWII. Those areas have some rights in our political system, though they are not states.

But, my main contention about the United States is that we are the only country in the world who, after being attacked by an enemy, have used our resources to rebuild and help set up a freer government for the people in that nation, then moved on. A good example, probably the best example, is Japan. Granted we do keep a military presence in Japan. However, that presence is their at the grace of Japan’s government.

At any point Japan can ask us to remove our forces and we would do so. Our presence is a mutual arrangement for both our nations, providing security for both nations against hostile nations.

Two, the greatest point of contention I have with socialist and communist is their claim that capitalism is bad. Capitalists rob the little guy and nations of their rights. There sre massive inequalities among the citizenry with respect to economic and social advantages. While I will agree that America has not been a nation perfect with regard to how it treated its people, especially blacks and indigenous Indians populations, we do not hide our mistakes and we try to do all we can to correct those bad deeds.

We wash our laundry publicly . We strive to correct our inequities. Everything I read about socialism and communism shows them to be doctrines of social and economic conquest,  social and economical imperialists.The socialst’1s  goal is to go into nations, whether those nations are satisfied with their government or not, show them the error of their thinking and strike down capitalism and install socialism. This is arrogant. This also imperialist. What  hypocrites socialists really are!


5 Responses to “Socialism: The Big Lie!”

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  4. Freedom, by the way said

    I look forward to reading the articles, devildog. But I already know they will reaffirm what I know to be true. Socialism and communism fail. Only governments that recognize and protect personal freedoms are worth defending.

    • I was recently convinced of this by a comment made by, of all things, an Indian Chief of a tribe from which I am descended. The chief was talking about the struggle for his tribe to gain official tribal recognition from the federal government. He said that though his tribe was still seeking the recognition, he was also glad it had not happened to date.

      You see his tribe is the only really affluent tribe in America. There are twelve banks on his reservation. All belong to the tribe. He took viewers on a tour of his tribe. The homes were all brick and wood structures made and maintained as well as any upscale American neighborhood! They wore regular suits and clothing. They also still have their cultural dress and and tribal councils.

      But, they are very Americanized, well educated, and affluent. Then he shocked me. He said he was sad while also greatly relieved his tribe never gained government tribal recognition. The reason he gave is what shocked me. He said if his tribe had gained that recognition, it would come under the Bureau of Indian Affairs as all other Tribes in America are today. Those tribes are all very poor. Most don’t have running water or electricity. Their homes look like shacks.

      No one individually owns land or homes as they do in his tribe. They live as a collective. Everything belongs to the tribe. The Bureau of Indian Affairs provides their health care,etc.. The government provides most everything for them. [ I suppose the shacks show how effective this works for them!] They are the purest example of communism he knows of “right here,” in America.

      It is also yet another example of the failures of socialism/communism/Marxism.

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