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Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. says “take the SOB’s Out!”

Posted by devildog6771 on September 5, 2011

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Image by benuski via Flickr

I just heard Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. say on national T.V. on FOX News, in reference to the “Tea Party, ” Let’s take the SOB’s out!” When the President began his address, he ignored Hoffa’s remarks. He began his speech by naming off the Union President’s present at the event.  He proceeded to say how those present represented the middle class.

Does Hoffa and the President remember that unions only make up 7% of the private sector? Does he realize the Public sector union workers are not the total middle class? They are the minority!

The remainder of the President’s speech was directed at the Republicans. He blamed them for every screw-up he has made since he took the oath of office!

Well, let him ramble. Let him blame. Let Hoffa, Jr. “try to take out” us Tea Party SOB’s. If that’s what will show these a$$holes to be exactly what they are, then I say “go for it!” Try to take us out. I want you to.  I want all of America to see what you are all about! As a former union member, I already know all I need to know about the unions. Why do you think there are only 7% of the population who are union members?

So you want to take out the majority of the middle class? Go ahead if you dare. You’re going to find you’re going to fail! But, go ahead, bring it on!!


7 Responses to “Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. says “take the SOB’s Out!””

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  3. Freedom, by the way said

    Thanks Devil Dog for posting this–makes me so angry. I’m linking back.

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