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“First, do no harm.”

Posted by devildog6771 on September 12, 2011

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I was researching another topic today when I came across an interesting newspaper article in the City Journal.  Written by Sol Stern in the Spring of 2003, the article, ACORN’s Nutty Regime for Cities provides an excellent expose on the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN).

ACORN was founded in the 1970’s by Wade Rathke, George Wiley, and Gary Delgado. However, its name was originally Arkansas Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) before later changing Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now(ACORN). ACORN became the largest radical group in America. If you scan your memory, you will recall that the group faced accusations of voter registration fraud during the Bush elections. Later it disbanded from a national organization to a group of individual, smaller groups spread all over the United States.

Sol Stern wrote about ACORN’s focus on local communities in the inner cities and not national or international goals. He did an excellent job of showing the tactics used by ACORN to carry out its goals, whether it be local legislation or some type of community improvement effort that actually did anything but help the people who were supposed to be the recipients of their efforts. Stern documents many accounts of programs and local legislation initiated by ACORN that were supposed to help the poor in the inner cities. In actuality their efforts only served to continue  the cycle of poverty for those inner city poor.

ACORN ‘s efforts focused on educational projects, welfare reform, union activism, and  minimum wage issues to name a few of their pet projects. But, their efforts never really did anything that actually helped the poor.  Their projects only served ACORN’s political and ideological agenda!

I think I like Stern’s closing remarks best of all:

There may be different approaches to community organizing. But there should also be a community organizers’ version of the Hippocratic oath: “First, do no harm.” ACORN founder George Wiley violated that oath when he used the poor as cannon fodder in a misbegotten scheme to throw the capitalist political economy into crisis. Decades later, ACORN leaders are again violating it when they promote an urban economic agenda that would snuff out economic opportunity, when they seek to derail welfare reform, and when they side with a monopolistic education system and its unionized employees against the right of poor families to send their children to schools that actually work. With friends like these, the urban poor don’t need enemies.

I believe that Stern’s words should also apply to our elected officials. No better examples of violations of this dictum can be found than in the halls of our Congress and our Executive Mansion. Every law passed, every executive order that has been issued has effectively done to our entire nation what ACORN has done to our inner cities!

The policies of the socialists in charge of running our Republic have effectively brought our nation to the edge of collapse economically. Our sacred Constitution is about to be stripped to shreds. Our rights and freedoms have been trampled. All of this has been accomplished by a small minority of arrogant people who think they know what is best for others. They have no respect for the our individual rights and freedoms!


3 Responses to ““First, do no harm.””

  1. Our Prez’s resume is community organizing. So don’t expect these groups to be really reined in anytime soon.

  2. Government sanctioned and fed enslavement …

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