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Obama Continues His Assault on Our Constitution

Posted by devildog6771 on September 14, 2011


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The President has no regard for our Constitution. All any of us have to do is look at his track record since he has been in office. I watched his speech last Thursday. I was so fed up that I haven’t watched the news since then. Nor did I go back over the speech as I intended. I should have! I missed something important!

From RightHook 38 by way of Freedom by the Way comes this post about  Obama’s speech:

Obama Attacks Constitution During Jobs Speech

During a part of his speech, he was talking about American innovation and technology, and how our country has progressed because we worked together.  Then he said this…

What kind of country would this be if this Chamber had voted down Social Security or Medicare just because it violated some rigid idea about what government could or could not do?

We all know what “just because it violated some rigid idea about what government could or could not do” means. This is simply another way of saying that “the Constitution is a historical document representative of its time but no longer practical today!” But, this is not the first time Obama has attacked the Constitution!

As far back as 2001, Obama was preaching his “distribute the wealth” propaganda. In October 27, 2008, World Net Daily reported in,  Obama rips U.S. Constitution, that a video was recently uncovered with Obama discussing his redistribution theme. Not only did Obama attack the Constitution; but he also blasted the Supreme Court for its failure during the Civil Rights era to rule in favor of redistributive wealth goals. That show aired on Chicago’s public station WBEZ-FM in 2001. There is a link to the video near the bottom of the page.

Obama will not be satisfied until he tears down every fabric of our Republic as it exists now! How can Obama “protect, support, and defend the Constitution” of the Unites States when he doesn’t believe in its principles? Everything he does is contrary to the Constitution. Knowing that he is actively attempting to get around the Constitution, why doesn’t the Congress “impeach” the President?

Is Congress waiting for the collapse of our Republic before it makes any attempt to stop Obama? It appears to me that Congressional members in both houses have their head so far up that unmentionable “zone” it can’t or won’t see the truth.

This Congress is either the most traitorous or negligent Congress in American history! It deserves nothing from the people but our utter contempt?

But, this contempt shouldn’t be bestowed on Congress alone. We, the “people,” share the responsibility  for what is happening in our country and Congress. We have sat back on our complacent behinds and watched as the socialist/communist/Marxist movement in America infiltrated our nation’s government at every level from local to the federal level.

We have allowed them into our schools through the NEA. We have allowed them back into our unions. We have allowed them into our Churches. We have allowed a minority of traitors to wage a silent revolution in America since the late 1890’s.

Isn’t it time we started to fight back? Isn’t it time we took our country back? Are we just going to sit by and allow them to completely overthrow our country? I am ashamed of what I see happening in America today. Our enemies are laughing at us. Our allies are fearful for us. Both know that if we go under, the impact won’t just be the end of freedom in America. It will also be the end of freedom in the world!

Let me end with this reference to an article in Weekly World News, July 19,2011, OBAMA TO WRITE NEW U.S. CONSTITUTION:

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama said The U.S. Constitution is out-of-date, so he is ripping it up and writing a new one.

President Barack Obama told reporters last night that the U.S. Constitution has become a hindrance to progress in America. “The document is so out-dated, that it is now becoming a hindrance to governing the country.”

Obama said that he has signed an Executive Order voiding the U.S. Constitution. “We need to move forward. We need change.”

Obama said he has already drafted a new constitution and that Americans “will love what I came up with.” Insiders say that Obama is keeping a lot of old elements from the original constitution “he’s just making it better, bringing it into the 21st century,” said White House Spokesman, Jay Carney.

Go to the link and read the entire article. The President has no authority to write a new constitution. Make no mistake, he fully intends to do so.


HT: Freedom by the Way: I Can’t Believe He Said That! Obama Reveals True Disregard for Consitution in Jobs Speech.

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