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The Media says “Tea Party” and “Occupy Wall Street” have much in Common?

Posted by devildog6771 on October 11, 2011

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I am increasingly becoming fed up with the media. I started watching FOX News because it offered, in my opinion, ” fair and balanced” news coverage. However, I find of late, that their news coverage is not always so fair or balanced either. All the networks are devoting more and more effort toward sensationalism, or tabloid news coverage.

As the issues we are facing continue to destroy our economy, media coverage is off on tangents about religion instead of how much the radical supported rallies throughout America threaten to destabilize our nation.  But what I find most disturbing is the growing effort to represent the Tea Party and the Occupy Wall Street efforts as having similar objectives and demands.

The Tea Party is a grassroots movement in America that has no party affiliation. Its goal is the restoration of America’s Constitution to its original form as instituted by the Founders and the preservation of our Republic. It came about as people became more and more disgusted with Congress stripping away our rights under the Constitution. The focus increased on the Democratic Party only with respect to the current administration’s blatant attack on our Constitutional rights.

But, make no mistake, Republicans are not immune from our voices either as they continue to take a backseat and allow the radicals in Congress to become more and more powerful. As Obama, Reid, and Pelosi lead the Congressional radicals  in their efforts to fundamentally transform America into a socialist/communist/Marxist state in violation of the Constitution, Republicans have become impotent to stop them. It appears at times they are afraid to stand up to the left and resists their efforts. That’s why the last midterm elections saw so many newly elected Republicans.

As entrenched Republicans continue to listen more to their financial backers instead of the voice of the people, the Tea Party movement grows. As they continue to deny support to the newly elected Republicans struggling to prevent Obama’s onslaught on our economy and our rights, the Tea Party continues to grow in numbers and activities.

Now the next phase of the traitorous attack from within our Republic has been taken to the streets. These radicals want to shut down Wall Street and our banks. They want a complete collapse of our economy. Meanwhile, the President continues to try to force through Congress a “jobs bill” which is nothing more than another stimulus bill like all the previous failed stimulus bills that takes us deeper into debt. The House wrote and passed a bill to cut taxes to stimulate job production and Reid and the Senate refused, again, to consider the bill and have stepped up their efforts to block any real legislation presented by Republicans.

In an effort to step up the “fundamental transformation” of America, Obama, Pelosi, and other radicals have spoken out in support of the radicals protesting in the cities across America.  The media has begun to try to show commonalities between the two group, the Tea Party and the Occupy Wall Street crowds. It has begun suggesting the two might want to join forces.

That is impossible. They are 180 degrees opposite in their beliefs and goals. One wants to save our Republic, the other wants to destroy it! These radical riots were planed over a year ago by the left. They hope to draw in more Americans from all over the country.   They are hoping to bring about a revolution.   With funding from George Soros and others, the unions and  other radicals want to lead the nation into chaos.

Now you tell me, with Pelosi and the President encouraging the radicals, why can’t the  media see what is really going on? Why can’t it see the truth.

Why won’t the media  report the truth. Why is the media ignoring the truth.  The radicals are beginning to  make their moves to topple our Republic. Neither the media nor the candidates will truthfully tell the public what is going on and that makes them all complicent.


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