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IF THERE BE TROUBLE, LET IT BE IN MY DAY, THAT MY CHILD MAY HAVE PEACE..Thomas Paine, "The Crisis" 1776, ("The Undefeated").

Sarah Palin

Posted by devildog6771 on October 12, 2011

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I have been as much a Palin supporter as anyone. However, I am having a difficult time with her decision not to run in a time when someone of her ability and character could make such a difference. I believe in God, Home, and Country. However, as a veteran, I also know that at times, true service calls for sacrifice. That means, God, Country, and Home becomes the order of things. Maybe Gov. Palin feels her role as Mayor and then Governor has had that order changed long enough. Maybe she didn’t even realize that she had of necessity made that adjustment in priorities. Then she was VP candidate. Being the fighter that she is, she got fighting mad when she found that the Alaskans she had done so much for allowed them selves to be pawns in the character assassination that was levied on her by the radical left activists.In the interests of her home state she made the hard decision to resign as Governor for the duration of her VP race in McCain’s Presidential race. But, I am sorry, I just don’t buy her reasons for not running for President. Just days before her speech email indicating she was not going to run, she talked about how she was still making her decisions; but, this was going to be an unconventional race. I would like to ask the Governor why she even bothered to make that remark if she had any inkling she wasn’t going to run? I would also like to ask her why she chose to let her supporters know by “email” to Mr. Levin instead of making a personal appearance to tell us face to face of her decision. Why, Governor Palin, did a person who for all practical purposes appeared to have such strong character and personal courage, did you take the cowards way out and not ell us all in person? I think we all deserve to know the answer to that question! Don’t you agree? On  a final note, George Washington, when he was asked to be President, turned down the job. Originally the people wanted to make him King. Wisely he let them all know his thoughts about that. Right now in America, we face the greatest test of our survival since we broke away from England. We all have our part to play in saving our REPUBLIC. We each have our own unique skills. You are the only one who has the leadership skills necessary to lead this nation through the hard times ahead. You are the only one who has the right principles and love of country to lead us out of this situation. We, the nation, all will need to support you or whoever wins the job if Obama loses. A a parent, I know what I am asking of you. My dad serves in Africa with Patton and the Philippines with MacArthur. Me and four of my brothers and sisters all served in the military during Vietnam Era. One brother later became a Deputy Sheriff[the family baby]. The oldest of my younger sisters, the one who served lost her only child in Kuwait in 2004. He was in the Navy. Prior to that he was an actively serving local police office. He left behind four little girls 7 months to seven years old. She died that day; but, her final death came February a year ago last of a brutal brain cancer. The oldest of my younger brothers died from cancer one year after his discharge. You can imagine the impact on my mother, on us all. My daughter is a police officer now. Everyday I know when she goes to work I may not see her again. My son was going to be one too but has decided to teach history in college when he graduates to make sure our kids know the real History of America. Are we a special family? No! We are just a typical American family who believes in duty, honor, and love of country. We know about sacrifice! We know about pain! We have had our share of problems.We have known successes and failures, losses , and illnesses of type or another. We faltered at times; but, through it all we persevered and continue life’s journey.It is not my intention to make you feel guilty for your decision. Rather, to rethink it. This country requires, needs your service. It needs your sacrifice. It needs your leadership! We don’t need the same old politics as usual. We don’t need the dirty politics, the blame game, the race game. We need a person who is able to reach into the heart and soul of the voters, as only you can do, and win this election and lead this nation on he path to recovery. I will accept your decision. We all will. However, I feel it my responsibility to tell you the loss will be yours as much as it will be ours. You will always wonder if you could have made a difference. Even more on point, you will always regret the future being handed down to your children.


6 Responses to “Sarah Palin”

  1. LOL, it rook me a moment to figure out what was going on. I take it you two guys know each other! I respectfully disagree about McCain/Palin. McCain “sucked!” Palin was an excellent choice! But they would still have been better than Obama.

  2. loopyloo305 said

    I wish I really understood the reasons that she choose not to run. I can understand her family and God. As for the way that she choose to do, is there really any good way? If she had called a press conference the way that Romney did, they would not have treated her the same way. At the very least this way has put a damper on the critics from the hate side pretty much. There will always be those like Ben above that still go on name calling, these people are childish and will never change without finding God. It is a shame that people that are intelligent like Ben and who have families of their own would spend their time running other people down. You really have to wonder why, but they will not go away!
    I am sure that she had a heavy burden upon her, in every instance, but truly this way is probably the best way that she could do it!

    • You know, after I posted this I began to think on it more and I agree with you. I think I just needed to vent. I tried hard to be respectful. Gov. Palin certainly deserves. Like everyone else, I am so very disappointed. But, frankly, our country isn’t ready for a woman yet. I think this is a very sad American commentary. She would have been one of our greatest!

  3. Good thing you provided a Wikipedia link to “God!” That’s hilarious! You moron.

    • loopyloo305 said

      Ben, didn’t realize that you were still around! Isn’t it awfully moronic to be calling other people names when you were one of those that made the decision to vote someone into office that was unable to make even a reasonable attempt at leading?

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