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Herman Cain – Odd Man out – Myth Buster!

Posted by devildog6771 on October 18, 2011

Herman Cain

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Over the weekend I watched most of the news programs about the candidates. The moderators went back and forth with his/her guests discussing the issues and how each candidate handled themselves. It is obvious that Mitt Romney is the media darling and that they all think Herman Cain‘s candidacy was a joking matter.

He has no organization. He has no experience with foreign affairs. He isn’t campaigning. He is on a book tour. They think his meteoric rise as one of the top three candidates is a fluke. He hasn’t spent enough time in caucus states. He has to go stomp in Iowa. Obviously, Cain is out of his league.

One thing he definitely doesn’t grasp is the cronyism. He doesn’t seem to realize that their are “good old boy” Republicans entrenched  in the party who have fat  wallets. Unlike them, Cain doesn’t have the tail of the elephant in front of him in his “trunk!” He certainly isn’t a RINO! And this doesn’t even address the race issue.Can you believe he had the nerve to tell young Blacks to get a job. [Told young whites the same thing.] He just don’t get it. When asked how he felt about what this country had done to him, he replied that he had set his goals and pretty much achieved “everything he wanted to.

Can you imagine that? Cain thinks Blacks are as capable as anyone else. They don’t require entitlements . They can set goals, they can learn. They can be successful. They only need to finish school. Go to college if they want to  or to a trade school. Bottom line he doesn’t think they need special consideration, special help, enslaving and demeaning entitlements that hold them back. They are as capable and as good as anyone else. Can you imagine that?

That doesn’t sound at all like anything the Black Caucus or the Progressive Caucus says. If you believe them, poor Blacks [not meant to reflect finances], aren’t getting a fair shake. They can’t compete with White America. Their ancsetors used to be slaves. They are owed  a job. They deserve special consideration. After all, what was done to them 150 years ago has left them with an unfair disadvantage.   Welfare, food stamps, quotas, drug abuse, collapse of the family structure because you can’t be married and get all your entitlements, kids with no Dads in the homes, high crime rates, and “the projects!  Generational enslavement to the government’s entitlements have done more to harm Blacks than slavery.

If I were a parent and I treated my children to this type of home life, I would rightly be charged with child abuse.  Well, our government has, through this entitlement mentality, committed generational abuse and neglect of Blacks in America. You can thank the Progressive Caucus and all the other liberal/socialist/communist members of Congress, Mental Health, Social Services, the National Education Association to name a few for the development and implementation of the entitlement programs that have ensalved so many Black Americans.

Granted this was a little off the top, but not that much so! Herman Cain says that any other Black, or minority in America can do exactly what he did if they want to, have the ability , education, and determination to do so. Imagine that. The leadership and members of the Black Caucus and the Progressive caucus, Jesse Jackson and JR., Maxine Waters don’t agree. They are furious with Cain! I can’t imagine why!

Even more unexplainable to me is the duplicity that exists where the Black population is concerned. Knowing all we know because the Progressives, the Black Caucus, and even the NAACP tell us so tell us so, how did Jesse Jackson, Maxine Waters, and all those other prominent Black Congressional members and politicians achieve such success in this horrible, racial White man’s  world? How did a Black man ever get elected President?

I think that somehow Herman Cain has found the solution to many of our problems we now face. Was it the work ethics and sense of accountability taught to him by his Dad? Was it the way both his parents worked one or two jobs? Was it their encouragement to finish school and  go to college? Could it have anything to do with Herman being brought up in a home with both parents, who taught morals a and family values? I would interject it was all of the above.

Listening to Herman Cain talk about his conservative beliefs , family values, love and goals for America, I can’t help but marvel at how proud his parents must be over his accomplishments. What puzzles me is the response from the Black community and those in Congress. Unlike Obama, this man is an accomplished businessman. He has made something of himself. It wasn’t given to him, he earned it.

Now he has come up with his “9-9-9 Plan” to help get our nation and our economy straight. His plan will give us a new tax structure. All the other candidates talk about all they will do to straighten out our  economy and help generate more jobs. Some don’t seem to know what plan they want to follow. They have changed their plans. [?] But, only Cain developed a well thought out, bold plan and presented it clearly and concisely to the public. There are no hidden items and costs. It doesn’t cowtow to any specific special interest group or economic group. He hasn’t deceived us about the fact that there will be hard times ahead with sacrifices required of us all. He didn’t try to sugar coat anything. I can’t say I am used to such honesty.

But, his humor and candor are refreshing. The way he handles the attacks thrown his way is awesome. He doesn’t rely on tit for tat. He isn’t above issuing a challenge for one of the others to show a better plan. He encourages questions and/or criticisms. You don’t see that to often. His rapport with the audiences and his supporters has only been surpassed v by    Sarah Palin. I wonder how long it will take the left to go all out to destroy him like they did Palin.

Already the media is downplaying  his chances as he continues to soar upward in the polls.  People don’t seem to be pulled in by all the lefts’ dirty tricks or the rights’ continual efforts to minimize Cain’s popularity or his abilities. He is a threat to the status quo. Both parties under estimate Cain’s connection with the people. Big mistake. They have forgotten how this country is supposed to operate. The government is supposed to be no larger than needed and elected officials serve at the will of the people, not the other way around.

Herman Cain may be the odd man out to the media and the entrenched politicians of both parties. But to the people in America, he is shattering the myth that the voice of the people goes unheard, unimportant. He is presently the only voice of the people.


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