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IF THERE BE TROUBLE, LET IT BE IN MY DAY, THAT MY CHILD MAY HAVE PEACE..Thomas Paine, "The Crisis" 1776, ("The Undefeated").

Is Herman Cain the next Victim of the Mysterious “Smear Grimlin” that Pushed Sarah Palin Out of the 2012 Presidential Race?

Posted by devildog6771 on November 3, 2011


Image by roberthuffstutter via Flickr

Again we find another GOP candidate smeared by a series of anonymous sources. This is a repeat of the smear campaign waged against Sarah Palin. As you recall, Palin had not announced she was a candidate for president. But, her ability to attract supporters across a range of Americans kept her number three  on most polls across America.

Palin finally bowed out of the Presidential race. She decided to work outside the framework of a candidate to help drum up support for Conservative politicians at all levels of government. She has remained active in the Tea Party and still has a huge following who would get out and do whatever possible to help her become president! A great DVD, “The Undefeated,” chronicles the smear campaign waged on Palin by  a radical leftist group with ties traced back to George Soros and

Now we find another candidate leading all the polls ahead of the  other candidates subjected to the same tactics. Cain is accused of past sexual harassment complaints by two, now three women employees back in the 1990’s. Politico broke the story with no details whatsoever to back up the claims. Of course, everything Cain says about the complaints are dissected for discrepancies.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I can’t remember every detail of every major event in my life back in the 1990’s.

No matter how important the event, or how serious, I often find myself making mistakes in facts or information when I discuss events from that long ago with friends and family.

Right now the Cain camp has accused the Perry camp of being behind the smear campaign. Perry’s camp denies involvement and places blame on Romney. If Cain’s campaign is ruined like Palin’s, the true source of the dirt will come out. You can bet it will all lead back to the left again and the Soros  money machine. One can only hope that the candidates realize what is going on before it is too late and each candidate and the GOP refuses to allow themselves to be baited into a blame game!

We must not let a corrupt party, corrupt politicians, and corrupt people outside our political process undermine our Presidential campaign. Put the blame where it belongs and get on with the process of running our campaign for a candidate for the GOP candidate.  We must also be vigilant at the polls. The Democratic has a history of voter fraud going back to before the Civil War. The left will do whatever it can to disrupt or corrupt the election process! Don’t let them get away with their illegal conduct.

It is time to take back our country, restore our Republic to prosperity, and create jobs for our unemployed. Once done we need to start looking into trying those enemies “within” with treason or sedition, depending on what their particular crime, and hand out the punishment warranted!

Go for it Herman. Put what you know out on the floor and then get on with your campaign!


2 Responses to “Is Herman Cain the next Victim of the Mysterious “Smear Grimlin” that Pushed Sarah Palin Out of the 2012 Presidential Race?”

  1. Freedom, by the way said

    Ferreting out the “enemies within” will be a massive undertaking–but we can start at the voting booth. Gret post.

    • I agree, if we have an election, that is! I left some info on a couple posts for your consideration. I think you do more justice than I can do. Lol, I envy you your ability to write so well.

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