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Troop Remains Cremated and “DUMPED” in King George Landfill in Virginia

Posted by devildog6771 on November 11, 2011

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Fox News announced tonight that a “whistle-blower” has said American troop remains were cremated and “dumped” in landfills. One of those landfills is located in my home state.

As an American, more importantly, as a Veteran of the Vietnam Era (non-combatant) I am appalled and ashamed to hear that remains of some of our troops have been cremated and dumped at landfills. I am even more ashamed to learns the  King George Landfill in Virginia is one of those landfills! Virginia has more military bases than any other state in the Union!

Honoring fellow soldiers who paid the ultimate price of freedom!

I demand those landfills be identified. I also demand that the localities of those landfills be identified. I further demand that investigations be conducted to determine if the landfill owners and the individual localities were aware that this dumping of “cremated troop remains” was occurring.

Who is responsible dumping cremeated troop remains in landfills?

The families of those veterans deserve to be notified. Those localities and the landfills owe the veterans’ families an apology. The Military and Federal government owes those families an apology. Investigations need to be conducted to give full accountability from the bottom to the top of the chain of command!

Fox reported that the policy ended in 2008 and then remains were buried at sea.  Why weren’t the remains returned to their families and buried with the full military honors  those veterans deserved. There is no acceptable excuse that such  intolerable acts of indifference were conducted against our Veterans and their families.

It is shameful for our nation, that our Military Veterans willingly gave their lives to serve, protect, and defend our nation only to wind up dumped like so much trash in a landfill! They deserve better!


2 Responses to “Troop Remains Cremated and “DUMPED” in King George Landfill in Virginia”

  1. loopyloo305 said

    The is one of the most horrible things that I have ever heard. The lack of respect is terrible and the horror that the families must have is heartbreaking! I thought that I understood something of the callousness that the government shows, but this goes way beyond callousness, this is just treating people as objects and things of no worth at all!

    • I was livid when I heard this. First they lose their bodies at Arlington. Now they throw their remains into the landfill like so much trash! What is the next insult to our troops?

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