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A Few Ideas on the Illegal Alien Problem

Posted by devildog6771 on November 23, 2011

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I have heard many talk against illegal aliens. But, I have heard no one suggest a solution to our problem.How much do you think it will cost to deport 11 million illegals? How long will it take to round them up? Should we put them all in detention camps like the Japanese in WWII or should we put them in rail cares like the Nazi’s did the Jews during WWII? Do we then hold a lottery to decide the order of deportation or go alphabetically. Next, food, clothing, & medical care, how do we address that issue until we have ended the illegal exodus of each illegal back to their home country? There will also have to deportation hearings. Will first generation children be deported and the second generation stay here or will we deport the second generation children too? Of course, that second generation knows no other home but America, Oh, well!

The next issue we need to decide is sorting out the political prisoners from those who came here for the “American Dream!” Next we need to consider those who just came here to take advantage of all we have to offer and then send their money home,  We a;ready know none of them pay taxes. They take away our jobs. Granted they have no benefits, no retirement packages, no union wages, barely make minimum wages. But they will free up millions of construction jobs, waiter and waitress jobs, housekeeping jobs, janitorial services, ditch digging jobs, sweat shop jobs, and landscaping. I am sure there are many other jobs, I just can’t think of all of them now!

Our school system will become much less crowded, the rental property freed up will give us an incredible number of available apartments and houses for rent. Social services and our hospitals will definitely be removed from a tremendously heavy burden. Some industries won’t need all the people they now employ due to those 11 million aliens so they will be let go or laid off. But they can take all those jobs freed after the aliens are deported!

We can sort out the costs for all the above actions later.

Let’s talk about practicality. It is obvious that we can’t afford to round-up, much less deport 11 million illegal aliens! Maybe our problem now has a lot to do with the fact that we granted amnesty to so many illegals before and started a dangerous trend! But those who come here face  very poor Immigration system. Our borders are poorly, even pathetically maintained by an understaffed Border patrol. Where there used to be INS offices across the nation, we now find that due to the various political climate  aliens can come here for asylum today and due to State Department policy at a given time that option is removed. Our Immigration policy stinks! It is unclear and changes with the political wind!

We need to set up an immigration policy which is clear and concise. It should be a national policy. There should be more Immigration offices to adequately process Immigration claims or applications, visas, whether they be work visa, student visas, or tourism visas, etc.. We cannot possibly round-up and deport all those illegal. We can’t afford it. What to do.

Well, it isn’t about Conservatism now. It is about what is best for the nation and even those aliens. First we need to over haul the Border Patrol. We need to decide how we can strengthen our borders and then do it! Remove the Border patrol from political climates. First we evaluate and reorganize our immigration policy setting a concise, defined set of guidelines for every nation. Then increase the number of Border Patrol agents and Border crossing points. Make sure our agents are well-trained and have what they need to do their job. All these measures should make our borders less penetratable.

Those illegals here now should be given a set time limit to report to an Immigration office for evaluation to determine their desirability for changing their status to legal resident alien. That determination should be based on clearly defined guidelines. Criminals will not report for the most part. They should all be finger printed and have their prints verified for criminal activity or history. Those with severe mental health issues will probably not all be able to be deported because home countries in many poor countries lack  proper facilities for treatment. Psychos should be deported. Drug addicts and Alcoholics should be deported. They did that to themselves. All should be given a physical and proper shots.

Those who have passed the legal and physical screening should next have to provide proof of employment without impunity to employers. Once done they should be required to fill out Social Security card applications so they can start paying taxes. ID cards should be granted to all who meet all these requirements from the various states in which they live. Until they are citizens all resident aliens should be required to have an ID card on them at all times indicating they are Resident aliens. Those found undesirable due to drug or alcohol  addictions or criminal behavior should be deported to their home nation asap! The only exception should be those guilty of severe crimes like murder. They should be handed over to the legal system for that area to handle.

After the original time period for all aliens to report for processing, any aliens picked up who haven’t reported for processing should be deported asap. Law enforcement officers and hospital staff ought to have the right to ask for proper ID. If an alien does not have proper ID, he should be detained for the Immigration officials to pick up for deportation.

In my opinion, this is the only way to resolve the illegal alien problem. We can’t practically afford any other method. Politics, political preferences [Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, left, right, center] have nothing to do with this issue much as we might like to do otherwise. As I said we can’t afford any other practical policy. There aren’t any!

Now, if anyone has a better plan, then produce it or put a sock in it!


2 Responses to “A Few Ideas on the Illegal Alien Problem”

  1. Freedom, by the way said

    We need to get rid of the Anchor Baby provision–which no other country has. No, that doesn’t answer the question of what to do with the illegals here now, but it will lesson the problem for the future.

  2. loopyloo305 said

    No one has seriously proposed rounding them up and deporting them, my friend, that is a tactic used by those who don’t want the invasion stopped, to simply stop the discussion. Once you stop the inrush on the border, stop the illegal hiring, and stop the giving of rewards (ie food stamps, free health care, free or assisted housing) they would have nothing to stay for, and when that happens many of them will go home on their own. Others can be picked up when they commit crimes and unlike what the Obama administration is doing, they can be sent home. There is plenty of evidence that when you remove the incentives and enforce the laws on the books, that many illegals find it unprofitable to remain here!

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