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Another Cruise ship goes down.

Posted by devildog6771 on January 16, 2012

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It is a shame people can’t go on a cruise without getting violently ill or facing survival tasks! Is this all part of the ‘conspiracy” against those who have enough money to pay for a cruise while so many people world-wide are struggling to get by? I don’t begrudge people for what they have as long as they got it honestly!  I heard a reporter on FOX say this was reminiscent of the Titanic! I thought what an exaggeration. The crew on that ship did not abandon the passengers. Neither did the captain abandon his post.  He went down with his ship! The crew on this latest cruise ship didn’t know what to do. The passengers were never given emergency directions. They even told passengers to go back to their cabin [and certain death] there was no problem??!!

Who doesn’t remember the band at the end sitting down and playing that wonderful song near the end of the movie as the ship sank? I love the new one out that tells the romance story of that woman survivor. Before people begin to think I take this incident lightly, which I don’t, I better move on.

Every time I look at the pictures of that sinking ship, so close to shore and hear about dead or missing, I wonder why there was no rapid local help? Can you imagine being a diver and going through that unstable ship loaded with fuel looking for trapped passengers. Now there’s so heroes for you. Who sets the standards for running cruise lines as far as safety ,etc.?  I think they have been negligent in their jobs! were none trained for emergencies.


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  1. I am ready!

    Another Cruise ship goes down. « Love it or Leave it!!

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