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112.0.Human Interest Story about helping our abandoned friends.

Posted by devildog6771 on January 24, 2012

Killed Pet Memorial

Image by Transguyjay via Flickr

With all that is going on in our world and country; we have forgotten a large segment of our population, our animals. More and more animals are being abandoned to starve, proliferate, spread disease , and become feral and over-populate.  I live in Richmond, Va. where we have an overabundance of abandoned cats. Some shelters are having to perform mass killings because money and homes are practically non-existent now.  It takes forever to find a place to help spay/neuter these animals. Not enough money is being donated to help out.

Where I live a couple abandoned their cats. The local authorities cam in and removed over 20 babies still nursing. Those outside they couldn’t touch, over twenty males and females. Me and several neighbors took to feeding them so they would stay healthy. It cost me a 81 lb bag every two days! Honestly. Now I have had 3 strokes and have to move into a more supervised environment for me. I can’t take the cats with me. When I leave, noone else can care for them.  I have searched and called every where in the area for help to find no-kill rescue without success.

Please, in you area, help when you can with donations of money, food, time, etc. to help save an animal’s life or spay neuter an animal to prevent overpopulation!  Some of the places I called, I got people who sounded kind of pompous. I think that is because they have to deal with helping unwanted animals and little help all the time and they get a little burned out. Societies are judged by the quality of their compassion for the needy. Please help any way you can. All help, no matter how large or small is welcome~

I think people who deliberately abandon their pets should be penalized with fines! and their names published for all to see.


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