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IF THERE BE TROUBLE, LET IT BE IN MY DAY, THAT MY CHILD MAY HAVE PEACE..Thomas Paine, "The Crisis" 1776, ("The Undefeated").

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D.C. wants to remove Civics from school ciriculum- Now it starts – the rape of the American Republic! It is time to Take Back America!

Posted by devildog6771 on January 23, 2013

Bit by bit Obama and his henchman have been chipping away at our rights.  Meanwhile the National Education Association has been working on destroying our republic from the inside since ita inception!  Until this president, socialists, Marxist, and Communists in America were more subtle with their efforts. This has been an on going battle in America since our founding. Just look up our history. Do the research. Don’t read their doctored history. Read our real History. I think Obama has been a test case. in the seventies, the Democratic Socialists of America knew Americans hated anything to do with Communism. After Russia collapsed in the 80’s, they began a gradual all out attack on our American Republic. First they re-wrote their ideology using terms like progressive that sound so much like a positive  term. Then they began to get elected into local, state and federal government, PTA’s, civic organizations, and anything else, including their biggest ally, the unions, and slowly. dogmatically began to permeate every aspect of our America we all love and revere. Now Obama has been “fundamentally” changing America through his Executive orders and the actions of the “Do nothing Congress”!

Four years of using every dictate of Saul Alinsky’s ” Rules for Radicals,” ans Cass Sunstein’s, “Knudge” have got the Democrats salivating and the Republicans left licking the ‘family jewels,” wondering “what the heck has happened in the country. One by one the money of traitors like the Soros Machine has trashed and frightened off every viable and decent opposition candidate, case in point Sara Palin and West.  Anything or anyone who can frighten off Palin has to be formidable. All we have left is is the much attacked and still struggling ‘Tea Party!” WAKE UP PEOPLE. MID TERMS ARE COMING. NOW IS THE TIME TO LET ALL THESE TRAITORS KNOW WE ARE WILLING TO FIGHT FOR OUR REPUBLIC. VOTE THEM ALL OUT. START WITH THE MILK SOP BOOHNER.  If Pelosi ir Reed are up for re-election, help motivate a mass movement to throw them out on their commie or “socialist behinds.” Show them they aren’t infallible like they believe. Both are so arrogant they are pathetic! Vote out every member of the Progressive Caucus. – Let’s clean up the Congress. Any Republicans they lean in their direction get rid of them too!! 

Be prepared for a fight. Don’t believe for a minute they will roll over the way Boehner and the current Republicans have done. It wouldn’t hurt to start cleaning up your local and state politics. Be prepared for the unions to jump on the band wagon. They may even become violent.

Think I am over stating or exaggerating, look at the Wisconsin elections and the subsequent fallout. Come on people, let’s take back America, one damn election at a time, one state at a time, or whatever works. Just don’t let them win. Call your Representatives and insist that Civics be taught in all schools. How will kids learn about being responsible voters if they don’t have Civics? At home start teaching your kids about the real American Republic. Don’t just give in and accept defeat. Show Obama and the rest of his followers America won’t cave or be an easy conquest!!


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“Yes We Can!” should be “No We Can’t”

Posted by devildog6771 on August 29, 2012

Not too long ago the Democrats were squawking about poor taste in media attacks. They insisted on a return to civility. Of late there have been several political ads, “I approve this message ” or words to that effect by the President, accompanying them. These ads accuse Romney of committing a felony, running companies into the ground as he, Romney, gets richer, and other false allegations. ans innuendos! The Democrats have no positive record of accomplishments by Obama to refer to. Unemployment is sky-high, the economy is in a nose dive. Our national debt rises out of control daily The Obama campaign slogan of “Yes We Can!”ought to be changed to, “No We Can’t!

Did Obama and his hand packed cabal of extreme and may I say “old” revolutionaries and radicals failed at every turn to carry out their goal of a fundamentally new “America!”  Unlike the British in England we will not sit by and watch the nation of our founders die and our freedoms fade away. We will strike back in the polls and in every other way guaranteed BY OUR “OUTDATED CONSTITUTION!” or “literature demonstrative of the era”!  Obama and his minions can continue to rewrite our Constitution on their own; but, we Americans are not ashamed of our country and we honor our Constitution and hold it in the highest regard!  More and more Americans have figured lout your real intent! AFter the elections may I suggest you all go to other nations and sell your worn out failed ideology. As for us real Americans, we choose as “Scotsman Wallace shouted just before the executioner chopped off his limbs and head centuries ago, “FREEDOM!!!!!” 

What you and your cabal don’t seem to get is this, we believe in the “American Dream,” and all that it encompasses. We strive for it, teach it to our kids, and die for it when called to do so! I am not sure any of you understand the emotional bond we Americans who love our nation feel for America and all it stands for. Keep trying to tear it down and you will soon see the true seeds of freedom molded into every fiber of our being. Will you kil us all or imprison us all? Because that is what it will take to bring down our country. Consider yourselves lucky this failed system you all hate is the only reason you are still free much less alive. Anywhere else in the world you all would be executed or put in prison, after a trial of course!!

My last thought to you all is “HOW DARE YOU ALL, WHO TRY TO RUIN ALL THAT ‘IS” AMERICA  AND IS “GOOD” ABOUT AMERICA? you LITTLE PEOPLE!!!!   I pity you all!!!!   

We don’t worship the Alinsky’s and such people as we prefer tothink for ourselves. We support people like Scott Walker. You do remember him don’t you?

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Democrats want to work but can’t find AWOL Republicans–Rumors of kidnapping prevail as panic sets in on the hill!!

Posted by devildog6771 on March 18, 2012

Look away! Look away!

This is the message being presented by Democrats on cspan2 this morning.  They want to shove more supposed tax cuts down our throats again!  How can Pelosi and the rest of those people honestly stand at that podium and make their remarks with such conviction. Are they all clueless or brain-dead? The Democrats are destroying our nation. Have they now misplaced or lost our Republican member of Congress?? Do we need to issue wanted posters like the one issued in Wisconsin for the run away Democrats? I am so sick of listening to Democrats whine about Republicans using legal procedures to avoid more forced fed legislation in Congress! Who can arrest those AWOL members, the state police? Hope they found a cheap place to sty.  Lots of fast food joints nearby.!!Oh my God, not them, the TSA! Plasiticuffs in hand, blood hounds on leashes, TSA is hot on the trails f our lost or AWOL Republicans! Maybe we need to put their pictures on milk cartons. NOooo!!!!!! Do you suppose they were abducted by terrorists? I just heard on CSPAN 2 that a bunch of TSA people were seen at the Farragut Square subway station running down the stairs with dogs. Maybe they have picked up the scent of our missing Republicans!! Do you suppose they were kidnapped and this is a ransom drop! When was the last time such a scandal occurred in DC?  I heard a mysterious package was found on a bench at that subway station . Inside was a bunch of papers with dog EARED PAGES. The apparently belonged to Mr.Boehner.? Who has jurisdiction now? I am so very confused. Looking at this picture on the right, is it any wonder the Republicans are missing or AWOL? That looks like a pretty rowdy group.  Take a close look!! Did the Republicans find our AWOL President? Has Harry Reed found our missing Republicans?

Can we afford a ransom? When they find the missing Republicans; will Congress finally start to do some work or will it be business as usual? That means no work ! I forgot , this is a do nothing Congress and a rob ’em blind Administration! FOX just reported Wisconsin Governor’s efforts have started to revitalize that state. The unions are demanded a new vote. They don’t want public to see how they are no longer needed! how they have nearly bankrupt the state. Go to and see how you can help the Governor. It is time to take America back, no more union controlled state government! Let Wisconsin be an example for all states across America!

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Senate Democrats project their Ideology and lack of Incentive to the Republicans

Posted by devildog6771 on July 22, 2011

"The Third-Term Panic", by Thomas Na...

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Senator Harry Reid is calling for a special assembly tomorrow to table the “Debt and Deficit Reduction Plan”, Cut, Cap, and Balance Bill,HR 2560 IH at 10:00a.m. tomorrow, Friday. Republicans have asked the Democrats and Harry Reid to have an open debate on this bill so the “people” can see and hear what this bill does. The Democrats don’t want to do any of this. There is a rumor released by the New York Times that the President, Speaker Boehner, and Eric Cantor have made a “secret deal” which will be released tomorrow! Did Boehner cave? Read the rest of this entry »

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Now They Are Here To Kill Women

Posted by devildog6771 on April 9, 2011

Louise Slaughter

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In a clear example of civility, Congresswoman Louise Slaughter(D) offers her views on efforts to discontinue Federal funding for abortions.

“I went through this as co-chair of the Arts Caucus in ’94. People were elected simply to kill the National Endowment for the Arts. Now they are here to KILL WOMEN!

Planned Parenthood’s primary service is performing abortions. About 90% of its efforts are directed in that area.

As for Breast exams, cancer screenings, etc, a woman can go to her doctor or the local health department. Hang tough, Louise, we’ll survive somehow!

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Corruption, Treason or Sedition in Congress and Harry Reid has the nerve to call the Tea party names

Posted by devildog6771 on April 3, 2011

Sarah Palin in Savannah, Georgia, Dec 1, 2008 ...

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Representative Giffords and several others were recently shot. Several other people including a judge were also killed in the same incident.

Demo-commies were quick to place blame on Republican rhetoric they considered “inflammatory.”  Such remarks were often those expressing different views than those held by the extreme liberals in Congress! They were particularly “reflective” about a comment made by Sarah Palin about a Democratic opponent being in the cross hairs or bulls eye in upcoming elections.

The remark was not one taken by everyday people like you and me as anything shocking. It was a remark like ones made often during political raceson both sides. The remark simply meant his or her opponent was going to aggressively campaign for the post in question! The Demo-commies inferred that this remark and other remarks made by Conservatives and Republicans encouraged events such as Representative Giffiords’ nearly fatal attack!

The Demo-commies are very quick to point the finger so they can distract the people away from real issues like Obama care, government spending, the wars, unemployment , lack of jobs, and other issues now facing the nation. The Demo-commies’  strongest attacks are directed toward the “radical” (their words, not mine)  Tea Party, those states limiting union activities for public employees, and trying to embarrass the Republicans or  coerce them into signing the budget bill without the cuts in spending demanded by the citizens. Read the rest of this entry »

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Olbermann for Senate? Bloggers Draft Combative Host to Replace Lieberman

Posted by devildog6771 on January 27, 2011

Cropped headshot of Keith Olbermann

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We all need a good laugh right now even if only for a few minutes. Well here it is folks.

Liberals upset about MSNBC’s ousting of combative talk show host Keith Olbermann have taken it upon themselves to find him new job: as the senator from Connecticut replacing Sen. Joe Lieberman, the independent and legislative titan who announced his retirement last week.

Read more on Olbermann for Senate? Bloggers Draft Combative Host to Replace Lieberman
Important: Do You Support Pres. Obama‘s Re-Election? Vote Here Now! Read the rest of this entry »

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There’s no need for debate, Repeal Health Care Reform Now or face the “consequences on election Day!”

Posted by devildog6771 on January 17, 2011

Scene from the Nashville Tea Party, February 2...

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Repeal the Health Care Bill

There is no need for further debate on the repeal of the Health Care Bill!. The Democrats continually push for further discussion. But Americans made their views on this bill clear in the last mid-term elections! Through efforts of the people’s grass roots movement, the Tea Party, Democrats were given a clear signal, repeal Health Care or risk not being re-elected. Read the rest of this entry »

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Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid!

Posted by devildog6771 on January 12, 2011

Sarah Palin holding a T-shirt related to the G...

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I came across a blog post at Ashkey F. Miller, “Sarah Palin’s Target List and he Assassination of Gabrielle Giffords”. Ms Miller discussed her views on a recent list released by Sarah Palin:

It is a list of targets, all marked with gunsights, that Sarah Palin released recently calling for Americans to “Take a Stand”.

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