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What about the Victims?

Posted by devildog6771 on November 15, 2011

Regions of the brain affected by PTSD and stress.

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I have followed the Sandusky  sexual assault case at Penn State very closely. Every day seems to add more accusations to the list. I believe the total is well above forty now!

Sandusky has denied all allegations. In a an interview aired on FOX, he admitted to having what one might call “normal” physical contact with the boys. A slap here, a pat there. You know the type, the guy thing!

I don’t believe him. I was a victim from the time i was a baby for many years. The perpetrators “rarely” accept responsibility for their actions. They even go so far as to threaten to kill your family, tell you no one will believe you, you will be sent away, you deserved it! I will know if you tell. I have a way of knowing everything you do! The list goes on.

It’s all about empowerment. They brutalize you and feel more powerful, more in control. You, the victim have no power, no control! Your life is ruined for years. Sometimes all your life. Sometimes you block it out until later in your life and it then it kicks you in the butt when it all comes back. Every memory is like i is all happening now.

I have found myself hiding in shower stalls, curled in he floor behind the toilet, in hidden spaces, anywhere I can’t be found when in the throes of the “flashbacks!” I never sit with my back to a door or room. I automatically have an “out” when I enter any public or private place.

Some victims develop different personalities that may or may not be aware of each other in order to cope with the trauma. PTSD is very common. It can develop at any time in the victims life afterwards! The victim trusts no one afterwards. They may become drug addicts or alcoholics, sex addicts, even perpetrators!

The perpetrators never stop. No treatment that I know of works 100%! They rarely give an appearance of anything but an ordinary good old boy! But, make no mistake. there are many female perps.

If guilty, I hope each of the victims gets to tell him what thy think of him before he gets sent away. I t may help them. I hope they all get professional help from a person skilled with dealing with sexual abuse. The have a long road. A good book for women, that i think can help men too is, “A Courage to Heal!” It gives all kinds of information for victims to help them!


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