Love it or Leave it!!

IF THERE BE TROUBLE, LET IT BE IN MY DAY, THAT MY CHILD MAY HAVE PEACE..Thomas Paine, "The Crisis" 1776, ("The Undefeated").


I am Vietnam Era Veteran who proudly served four years in the USMC. My sister, who recently passed away from brain cancer, also served then in the Corps. My three brothers served then too in the Army at Fort Bragg. My Dad was a WWII Veteran who served with distinction with both Patton and MacArthur. My sister had one child, a son, who died in Kuwait in 2004 while serving in Operation Enduring Freedom. She never got over his death. None of have. So, if anyone thinks I don’t know about the horrors of war, make no mistake I fully understand both the necessity at times and the cost of war.

I started this blog because I feel that our troops are doing a great job over seas serving and protecting our nation and helping both Iraq and Afghanistan become free nations. These troops put their lives on the line serving and protecting our nation against “all” enemies both “foreign and domestic.” Can those of us here at home say they have done the same? I think not. While our troops die to defend our Republic, we sit back at home and watch complacently as Progressive/socialist/communist/Marxist slowly permeate our nation at every level of government and our society.

My goal here is to expose those who would destroy our Constitution. Expose those who would take away our freedoms and rights. Expose those who are, in my opinion committing acts of treason against this American Republic because they took oaths of office to defend and protect or uphold our Constitution and our Republic. However, every action this administration and Congress has taken has been a systematic, well planned effort on the part of these elected progressive/Marxist officials bankrupt our economy and strip away our rights and freedoms in an effort to tear down our Republic so that they can rebuild America in the image of their own design.

In my sidebar are just a few of the other people in America, who among the many who have now come to the same conclusion I have, that our Republic is under attack from “within” by a orchestrated progressive/socialist/communist/Marxist movement. This Movement is funded by people of power and money like George Soros. Nancy Pelosi and her fellow progressives think we Americans aren’t smart enough to see what tney are doing. They think their efforts have progressed too far for the nation to stop them and restore our rights and our Republic.

Let’s tell these people who so hate our Republic and Constitution that we don’t want their socialist agenda, their “utopia,” their new Russia. Read for yourselves the information posted here. Don’t blindly accept what I or anyone else posts here. Become informed. Read about Saul Alynsky and Cass Sunstein. Research the other people who have been appointed to office in this administration. Read Saul Alynsky’s “Rules for Radicals,” and Cass Sunstein’s “Nudge,”, and any of the other rhetoric and propaganda published and spoken by these people.

Then read our Constitution. Read about our founder. Not the progressive altered revisionist history in our classrooms; but, our real history. Research for yourselves. Don’t take my word for fact. Don’t take the progressive word for fact. Do your own research and make your own decisions. Be a real American. When you’re done, I am sure that you will come to the same conclusions that I have, America is under attack from “within’ and it is time we took America back.

Tell those who would destroy our great nation that if they really want a nation free of life liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; if they really want a nation where wealth id redistributed and self accomplishment and hard work and their resulting sense of accomplishment are replaced by a nation of sheep given everything, the they should go to one of those great” nations and live. Tell them to drop a line or a post card from their Utopia’s and let us all know how they are enjoying their loss of freedom and their collective poverty.

Tell them, this is America, with all its warts and imperfections, the freest nation in the free world. Tell them this is America, “love it or leave it!” That is their right!


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