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112.0.Human Interest Story about helping our abandoned friends.

Posted by devildog6771 on January 24, 2012

Killed Pet Memorial

Image by Transguyjay via Flickr

With all that is going on in our world and country; we have forgotten a large segment of our population, our animals. More and more animals are being abandoned to starve, proliferate, spread disease , and become feral and over-populate.  I live in Richmond, Va. where we have an overabundance of abandoned cats. Some shelters are having to perform mass killings because money and homes are practically non-existent now.  It takes forever to find a place to help spay/neuter these animals. Not enough money is being donated to help out.

Where I live a couple abandoned their cats. The local authorities cam in and removed over 20 babies still nursing. Those outside they couldn’t touch, over twenty males and females. Me and several neighbors took to feeding them so they would stay healthy. It cost me a 81 lb bag every two days! Honestly. Now I have had 3 strokes and have to move into a more supervised environment for me. I can’t take the cats with me. When I leave, noone else can care for them.  I have searched and called every where in the area for help to find no-kill rescue without success.

Please, in you area, help when you can with donations of money, food, time, etc. to help save an animal’s life or spay neuter an animal to prevent overpopulation!  Some of the places I called, I got people who sounded kind of pompous. I think that is because they have to deal with helping unwanted animals and little help all the time and they get a little burned out. Societies are judged by the quality of their compassion for the needy. Please help any way you can. All help, no matter how large or small is welcome~

I think people who deliberately abandon their pets should be penalized with fines! and their names published for all to see.


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Football great, Joe Paterno dies! Did he die of a broken heart? Rest in peace Joe!

Posted by devildog6771 on January 23, 2012

Better cancer diagnosis and management

Image by BC Gov Photos via Flickr

Penn State Nittany Lions head coach Joe Patern...
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He led the Penn State Football team for 46  years. He died in shame, alone w/o his retirement,  from complications due to cancer treatment. He was told about an incident of sexual abuse inflicted o one of his players by one of his staff. He did what all college staffers do, including college security people., He reported it to his boss and let them handle it. Right or wrong that is how delicacies are handled on college campuses. You see it’s all about trustees and money. Winning and no scandal keeps money coming in to colleges. As football coach, Joe Paterno knew that. To many Joe was Mr. Football! He was a hero , kids looked up to him. He made kids want to come to Penn State!  The team under his leadership inspired young men to  give it all as they worked to get themselves accepted at  Penn state. “The Great Book of Penn State Sports Lists – David Pencek, Matt,” provides.. GREATEST PENN STATE FOOTBALL PLAYERS FROM PENNSYLVANIA …’


As victim of sexual abuse myself, I don’t condone what Joe did, I understand it. He was  from an old ere that ” hushed this type of “scandal.”  Everyone knew it existed;but, no one would admit it existed. I hope history will be kinder  to Joe! Personally, I wonder if he died  from a broken heart! Rest in peace, Joe! Thank you for all the good you did!


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America under attack along it’s southern border by Mexican drug lords and cartels. Feds and Media downplay seriousness of the problem as bodies begin to stack up!

Posted by devildog6771 on January 22, 2012

English: Mexican troops armed with a Mark 19 4...

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I found a great post we all need to read about the spill over of the Mexican drug war into our country. If you live in a border state, my prayers are with you! Mexico’s Murderous Drug War Spills Over U.S. Border(via

Posted by loopyloo305 on January 22, 2012. I am sure most people heard about the headless body found by walkers near the “Hollywood” sign in California. Later the victim’s hands and feet were found minus finger prints and anything indentiiable. I don’t know about anyone else; but, my memory of the Hollywood sign will be clouded by the grisley body found there recently for some time. The worst thjing baout all this is the media denial and the Federal government‘s failure to protect our citizens in the border states due to political agenda!

Go read  loopyloo305  great post to find out more details about the out of control war along the border and the over-flow of fighting from Mexico !

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Just rambling on Newt, the Costa Concordia, the D.C. “Rat problem,” and a suggested solution from Va.!

Posted by devildog6771 on January 20, 2012

Feral Cat killing a native Australian Major Mi...

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So much is happening; I find I don’t know where to start. That horrific cruise ship accident really boggles the mind. I find I must be careful not to get too excited; but, it is hard to stay calm when I watch reports on this cruise ship’s “captain?” and I use “that” word lightly.  That man shames his profession. But I fault the Cruise Lines too! Was there no “chain of command” on that ship? This morning FOX showed a passenger video of a female crew member who took it upon her self to help passengers evacuate the ship! The member was amazingly calm! I wonder how many lives she saved with her courage and professionalism? Sadly the last lives unaccounted for may remain a mystery. Te ship rests on a ledge and is about to go over the side with its remaining fuel aboard! I hear this wreck compared often to the Titanic. There is no comparison except for the loss of human life due to arrogance. T he crew of the Titanic responded admirably to their crisis. Her Captain did not flee his post! I will keep those missing in my prayers!

On a different topic, it seems the jobs and resource freedom offered by the new “pipeline” won’t happen. Is anyone really surprised? I’m not. We all could see that coming! Maybe we need to thank Canada for hanging in there so calmly. A less patient people would be furious at the revenue loss they are incurring while our President puts a nix in the pipeline project. Does this man really thin he can get re-elected? If he does, we have only our selves to blame for the consequences!

How about Perry? He did the responsible thing, I admire his decisions. Took a lot of courage and sense of duty to do what he did. It certainly has moved Newt up the ladder. I suppose he is my choice since Palin was so badly battered until she had to back off. American politics are a risky and shady venture. Like many nations we also have our corrupt, rich, and powerful pulling string. Then we also have our clueless public!! Can you imagine a Palin and Newt ticket? The President would be left at the starting gate! [sorry, should that be golf tee?]

The Va. government is getting worried about the rats [four-legged kind] increasing in number in D.C.’s “Occupy Camp!” Apparently D.C. has some unusually humane laws foe dealing with these disease-spreading creatures. A caller on a local Richmond, Va. talk radio show suggested that since Richmond has an abundance of feral cats, we capture our cats and “send them to D.C. to clear up their growing “4-legged rat problem!” Guess they’re stuck with the “2” legged rats until they vote them out of office!! I wonder if those D.C. rats are anything like those NY rats. When I worked in D.C. for telco, the NYT guys always joked about how large their rats were. Think maybe we were bored for topics? No way! According to NYT guys NY has some huge rats in their sewwers! MY thoughts, “Go for it Ken!” You gotta admit Va.’s Attorney General has “real family jewels!!”

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Another Cruise ship goes down.

Posted by devildog6771 on January 16, 2012

Half Moone Cruise & Celebration Center, Norfol...

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It is a shame people can’t go on a cruise without getting violently ill or facing survival tasks! Is this all part of the ‘conspiracy” against those who have enough money to pay for a cruise while so many people world-wide are struggling to get by? I don’t begrudge people for what they have as long as they got it honestly!  I heard a reporter on FOX say this was reminiscent of the Titanic! I thought what an exaggeration. The crew on that ship did not abandon the passengers. Neither did the captain abandon his post.  He went down with his ship! The crew on this latest cruise ship didn’t know what to do. The passengers were never given emergency directions. They even told passengers to go back to their cabin [and certain death] there was no problem??!!

Who doesn’t remember the band at the end sitting down and playing that wonderful song near the end of the movie as the ship sank? I love the new one out that tells the romance story of that woman survivor. Before people begin to think I take this incident lightly, which I don’t, I better move on.

Every time I look at the pictures of that sinking ship, so close to shore and hear about dead or missing, I wonder why there was no rapid local help? Can you imagine being a diver and going through that unstable ship loaded with fuel looking for trapped passengers. Now there’s so heroes for you. Who sets the standards for running cruise lines as far as safety ,etc.?  I think they have been negligent in their jobs! were none trained for emergencies.

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Muslims tricking young boys into being suicide bombers..Where is CAIR’S outrage over this?

Posted by devildog6771 on January 15, 2012

English: Monument to the sixteen civilians mur...

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According to Jihad Watch, Muslims are using children as suicide bombers! [go read the article’ Child suicide bombers: “They told us the bombs would not kill us, only the Americans would die and you can come back to us” – it will shock you], They tell the children, young, uneducated boys, they won’t be hurt and their families will go to paradise! Some of these boys are as young as ten years old. Where is CAIR’s outrage over this incident? Cair is too busy complaining about a few Marines urinating on the dead bodies of a a few Muslim killed by the Marines in combat!

Aren’t there enough Muslim men left to fight their wars of terror throughout the world? Does Islam teach that children also have no value in the Muslim society ? How many of those brave men sending these children out to kill themselves send their own children out as suicide bombers? Is this what Muhammad taught?

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Be Watchful of your health.

Posted by devildog6771 on January 6, 2012

Aiguille de la Tsa

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My blogging has been erratic for some time. I recently had a third stroke. I didn’t even realize I had had the first two.  When you see those infomercials about “TSA’s” please pay attention. Everything they say is true. “TSA”S ” are not anything to ignore. If you find you can’t remember things that you know you know, visit your doctor for a chat. I almost executed my computer in a fit of temper. Proper diet, exercise, and lower collesesterol  can save your life. I have been given a second chance. I won’ squander it!!

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